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Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ansh tells his assistant Pradeep that he wants to thank their caterer for serving food even during strike. Pradeep says he asked her to send food before time as they had meeting and she sent it beforehand. Ansh takes Bhoomi’s new number, calls her and thanks her for her professional behavior. He says she proved all good things are not costly. He says he got a miscall from her number and asks how does she know his number. She gets tensed and then says when he called her to give back order, she saved his number. He thanks her again and cuts call.

Varun asks his family if they can get the house renovated. Bijender says they don’t have money now after spending on Surbhi’s AC. Varun suggests to renovate each part of house slowly. Daada says if they do that, it will take

much longer and whole house will be messy, so they should wait for some time. He agrees, goes to Surbhi and tells they will renovate their room as she likes. She gets happy, calls ugly suman and tells Varun has agreed to renovate room, so she will renovate it as she likes. Ugly making her usual weird shoorpanakha like faces says she wants Varun to become ghar jamai, but she wants to hold him there. Surbhi says she forgot. Varun gets tensed thinking he promised Surbhi to renovate room, but how will he convince his family.

Ansh gets ready for office, comes down and sees Bhoomi cooking in kitchen. He asks Latha why is she working hard like this. Latha tells him about tech thief incident and says to repay Vasundhara’s money, Bhoomi is working hard. Ansh feels sad.

Ugly suman sees Bhoomi cooking and thinks she will definitely ruin her food today. Once bhoomi turns around, she silently adds ants on vegetable and hides. Bhoomi gets afraid seeing ant, throws vegetable and cuts fresh ones. Ugly gets jealous seeing that and makes her weird faces. Bhoomi happily comes to her room and ticks number of days remaining. In the morning, ugly throws Bhoomi’s tiffin boxes and hides. Bhoomi comes back to kitchen and sees tiffin boxes missing. She calls Pradeep and says she wants to serve buffet today, so will send food 15 min later. She calls her vendor and asks him to send some buffet crockery and suppliers.

Ansh enjoys food, tells Pradeep that he wants to thank caterer lady, so she wants him to come to office and receive payment. Pradeep calls Bhoomi and informs that boss wants to meet and make her payment. she hesitates, but he insists. She is about to leave home when ugly stops her and reminds her that she has to pay Vasundhara by evening. Bhoomi says he knows and is going out to get her payment. Ugly gets jealous.

Bhoomi reaches Ansh’s office. Pradeep is surprised to see her and apologizes her for being rude over phone. He says if everyone will know that she is the caterer, they will be very happy and even sir will be surprised. Ansh comes out of his cabin seeing staff gathering and is shocked to see Bhoomi as caterer. Pradeep says madam did not let us know all these days that she is Saaransh Swad’s owner.

Precap: Bhoomi gives money envelope to Vasundhara. Suman snatches envelope from her and says 2000 rs are missing, so Bhoomi lost her challenge.

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