Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd July 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surbhi informs Shukla family that their daughter Bhoomi is forcefully staying in her in-laws’ house and Vasundhara is so irked on her that she has given ultimatum to get out in 5 days. Whole family is shocked and Dhara starts crying. Shukla asks Shanti if she knew about it. Shanti says she will speak to Bhoomi in the morning and then will decide what to do. She asks whole family to go and sleep now.

Bijender does not get sleep whole night and in the walks out to bring Bhoomi back. Rajender sees him going and stops. Bijender says he is going to bring back Bhoomi as he cannot let her suffer there. Rajender says he should not rush and wait until Shanti takes a decision. Bijender asks what he would have done if it had happened with Avni. Rajender says he know that he did not different

between Avni and Bhoomi and says Bhoomi is his life and he cannot see tears in her eyes. Bijender insists that he will go. Rajender thinks he should go with him to stop any mishap and leaves with him to Bhopal.

Bhoomi is busy in kitchen. Latha comes and asks if Ansh fought with her yesterday night. Bhoomi says they did not fight and assures her. Servant informs that Rajender and Bijender have come. Bhoomi goes out and meets them. Ansh comes and takes their blessings. Latha asks them to come and sit. Bijender says he has come to take back Bhoomi. Latha asks what happend. Agram, Inder and ugly Suman also come out. Bijender asks what happened that they are sending Bhoomi out in 5 days. Ugly with her ugly 1 inch painted face says Bhoomi broke family rules and should be punished. Bijender says it is elder’s duty to forgive children and what big mistake Bhoomi did to kick her out of house. Inder says we can sit and talk. Bijender says that time has gone now and he will take Bhoomi now.

Bhoomi holds Bijender’s hands and says this is her house now and she is Bhoomi Prajapati and not Shukla. She will stay and face whatever problems arise, but will not feel defeat. She says she is happy that her papa cares for her. she requests them to leave and opens door. Ansh tries to take Bijender’s blessings, but he stops him. Rajender blesses him and requests to take care of Bhoomi as he left her here trusting him. Ansh drops them till car and they leave. Bhoomi kneels down and starts crying vigorously. Ansh feels sad for her.

Precap: Vasundhara asks Agram who had come and shouting. Suman tells Bijender and Rajender had come to take Bhoomi from here. Vasundhara shouts at Bhoomi that she should stop her tricks and get out right now.

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