Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sambhav introduces Muskan to famous magazine owner who praises her beauty and says Sambhav she is perfect. Muskan looks at Sambhav. Sambhav says he wants to launch her on magazine’s cover page. She gets very excited, takes him aside and hugs him tightly. She goes back to manager who asks why has she applied mehandi. She says it is her friend’s wedding and washes her hands for photoshoot.

Kavya waits for Muskan till early morning. Sambhav drops her and asks to kiss her as a reward. She frenh kissesh him. Kavya comes out hearing car sound and is shocked to see them smooching. Sambhav leaves and Muskan enters home. Kavya says she should not do all this and should be loyal to her would be husband. Muskan shouts that she does not like interference and shouts to stay away from her life. Kuhu comes out and listens to their conversation.

Mansa brings sweets and other marriage items and asks Bhairavi where to keep them. Bhairavi says she does not know. Mansa asks what she needs. She says to stop this marriage. Mansa thinks she will.

In the morning, Daadi gets ready for marriage and thinks when will girls get ready. Kavya gets ready and goes to Muskan’s room. Muskan is not yet ready. Kavya asks to rethink about marriage. Daadi enters and scolds Kayva. Kavya starts crying. Kuhu consoles Kavya and asks her to let Muskan do whatever she like and if she interferes, Daadi will allege her that she is jealous of Muskan.

Daadi with family reaches marriage hall. Muskan greets Bhairavi. Bhairavi says she has arranged a room for them. Muskan asks why only 1 room for all, each one needs a room, then says she is bride and needs to get ready alone. Bhairavi says okay and gives her a separate room.

Precap: Sambhav shows property papers to Muskan and says mom transferred her property share in his name. Samarth comes and knocks door and they both get tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Good that kavya gets married! Muskan deserves Sambhav who wl get bored of muskan v.soon!

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