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Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pavitra calls Kaveri, but she does not pick call as she is in pooja and whole Prajapati family is watching her. After pooja Kaveri walks aside tricking family and speaks to Pavitra who says Bhoomi is ruining their plans, but she has prepared one more fool-proof plan. Kaveri asks her to tell what it is and she explains her in detail. Bhoomi does not find Kaveri on the place she left and with Ansh and Latha starts searching her. Latha finishes her talk and turns back to see 3 of them. She starts acting as afraid and asks where did they all go leaving her alone. Latha consoles her and says they will go home now. Kaveri says evening arti will start now and they can leave after that. Latha agrees and they all join aarti.

Vasundhara with home reaches home after pooja and sees many men peeping

inside house. Ansh asks what are they doing. One man says they are watching drama. Family gets in and is shocked to see Pavitra dancing sensously on bhojpuri song and director shooting her. People talk that they boast themselves as very sanskari and respected, but are completely opposite. Ansh shoos people away and locks door.

Agram asks director and his team to get out. Director calls him bhojpuri’s amrish puri and says he has contract. Agram says this house is in bhabhi maa’s name and she will not sign any contract. He asks assistant to show contract papers. Agram is shocked to see bhabhi maa’s signatures and shows it to her. She says she did not sign but looks at Pavitra and stops.

Pavitra reminds Agram how she clashed with him last right when he was carrying papers and added contract papers in his file. Agram says she tricked and signed papers and asks director to get out. Pavitra says he cannot as director paid her. He says she does not have any right to interfere in his house and says he will first kick her out and drags her. Bhoomi tries to interfere, but Ansh asks her to keep quiet.

Kaveri asks Vasundhara even now if she will let her daughter humiliated. Vasundhara asks Agram to stop. Agram says he will not listen to her this time. She says this girl is this house’s daughter. Agram asks what is she speaking. Latha asks questions her. Agram says because of her generous nature, she does not want this girl out. Vasundhara says this girl is Kaveri’s daughter. Kaveri starts acting and says jailer saheba, she is not my daughter and acts as falling unconscious. Director’s assistant suggests to sniff her dirty socks. Ansh asks him to get out as it is their family matter. Director leaves.

Agram asks Vasundhara when did she know Pavitra is Kaveri’s daughter. Vasundhara gets tensed. Bhoomi interferes and tells badi maa just came to know and in fact she was searching Kaveri since many days and came to know about Pavitra. Ugly suman asks how can she tell so confidently. Bhoomi tells when she went to meet badi maa after party, she informed her and asked to keep the secret.

Precap: Pavitra yells at Kaveri why did not she tell everyone that she is Vasundhara’s daughter and not her. Kaveri challenges Vasundhara that she will force her to such a extent that she herself will accept in front of everyone that Pavitra is her daughter.

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