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Bhagya Lakshmi 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun tells Surbhi that he believes Bhoomi and he knows Rishi from childhood and he is just a friend of Bhoomi. Surbhi tries to brainwash him that Bhoomi did very wrong by going on a bike with Rishi. He gets angry and says he trust Bhoomi and whole family also trust her, so Surbhi should stop differentiating between families and goes back to sleep. Surbhi thinks because of Bhoomi, Varun fought with her for the first time, hence she will not spare Bhoomi.

Vasundhara calls mobile repairer home and gives her phone for repair. Ugly Suman comes and says Vasundhara her room’s mirror is fixed and she can come and check. She asks her to do small chores herself and not disturb her. Latha insists and she goes to check. Mobile repairer repairs mobile and gives it to Latha. Latha asks Bhoomi

to check. Bhoomi checks and sees an SMS coming. She is shocked to see it is blackmailer’s sms asking vasundhara to pay her 25 lakhs to safeguard her 25-year-old secret. Vasundhara comes back and asks repairer if her mobile is fixed. He says yes and he gave it to madam. Vasundhara fumes seeing Bhoomi holding mobile. She gives money to repairer and sends him and then scolds Latha for giving her mobile to Bhoomi. she scolds Bhoomi that she warned her not to come near her or her goods,but she did. she snatches her mobile and leaves.

She goes to her room and gets tensed seeing SMS. Bhoomi peeps in and watches her carefully. Vasundhara thinks she will not let her past come in front of anyone. She picks locker keys, opens another room and locks in. Bhoomi thinks she has to speak to Latha about it, goes to her and informs that Bhabhi maa went to a room after reading SMS. Latha says she often goes to that room when she is tensed and if she needs their help, she herself will seek it. Bhoomi thinks she will speak to Ansh about it.

Surbhi calls her mom ugly Suman and tells that Varun scolded her because of Bhoomi. Ugly says she should have given her shoulder for him to weep and should stop bothering about Bhoomi. She should go and lure Varun while she takes care of Bhoomi.

Once Ansh comes home, she informs him that she checked Vasundhara’s mobile. He fumes and leaves after scolding her. She thinks she has to find out what is in that room and thinks how to get in.

Surbhi sees Varun getting ready and tries to speak, but he ignores her. She thinks he is fuming, so she has to do something. she gives fake smile, but he ignores her again. She scribbles apology on paper and throws it on him. He reads it and forgives her.

Bhoomi opens Vasundhara’s room, but closes it again and goes to temple. She goes to temple picks soap from there and goes back towards room. Vasundhara speaks over phone that she has files with her and not to worry. Once she leaves, Bhoomi enters and picks key bunch to take print on soap, gets confused seeing 3 keys, reminisces vasundhara picking bigger key and takes impression of 2 keys on soap. Vasundhara realizes she missed keys in room and comes back. Bhoomi gets tensed seeing her coming. Vasundhara enters room.

Precap: Bhoomi checks Vasundhara’s papers and finds she was hospitalized on the day Ansh was born.

Update Credit to: MA

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