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Bhagya Lakshmi 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Daadi oil massages Muskan’s hair. Kuhu sees that and says Daadi that she is elder and it is their duty to serve her and not vice versa. Muskan asks her to do her work and not comment. Kuhu goes into kitchen to help Kavya. Muskan tells Daadi that she will miss her massage in her in-laws house. Daadi asks if she is happy with he decision of marriage. Muskan says yes. Daadi says marriage is not a joke, it is life’s responsibility. Muskan says she is ready to accept this responsibility and to become Ranawat family’s bahu, she can do anything. Kavya remembers Samarth and gets sad. Kuhu asks if she is fine. Kavya says yes. Kuhu says she knows she is not fine. Kavya says again that she is fine.

Muskan comes and asks Kavya to serve her as she is getting married

soon. Kavya says they will serve her, but she should take care of Samarth after marriage. Muskan says yes and asks what did she prepare today. Kavya says her favorite dish. Muskan checks and says she will eat whole bowl. Kavya and Kuhu smile.

Sambhav enters Samarth’s room thinking of informing him about Muskan true colors. Samarth is busy talking to his manager who informs him about Sambhav’s lavish spending and Bhairavi backing him off. He asks Sambhav what he wants to say. Sambhav says that girl…Samarth asks him to shut up and drags him to Bhairavi’s room. Bhairavi asks what happened. Samarth says Sambhav is a child, but he did not expect this from her. Sambhav is using company’s account money and she is backing him off. Sambhav says he told everything is his, then what is a problem if he takes some money. Samarth says he wants to burn money and not earn it. He says Bhairavi that company’s money is its employees and they don’t have any rights on it. she is making Sambhav a loser and says Sambhav he will not get pocket money from today and will have to take permission from him and if he feels right, he will give money, else no. He tells Bhairavi he will not listen even to her now. Once he leaves, Bhairavi scolds Sambhav if he is happy to get a suffix of loser with his name and even insulting her also.

Muskan comes to Samarth’s house with Daadi, Kuhu, and Kavya. Samarth introduces them to Bhairavi and Sambhav. Muskan acts as if she is meeting Sambhav for the first time. Sambhav stands in a shock. Samarth asks him to say namaste and he obeys. Bhairavi says Vasundhara that she will show her granddaughter’s sasural and takes her along. Her puppet servant takes other servants to get snacks. Bhairavi while walking in lawn asks Vasundhara daadi that she thinks she does not like her job. Daadi says Samarth came with marriage proposal and it is not her mistake, she needs job badly and if she wants, she will reject this proposal, she can convince Samarth. She taunts that her house is nice and leaves. Bhairavi fumes in anger.

Muskan gets busy taking selfies and Kuhu asks her to go and sit with family. Pandit checks Kavya’s left hand and Samarth’s right hand. They both look at each other. Muskan is still busy taking selfies. She gets afraid seeing puppet servant. Puppet servant says she is head servant and is like owner of this house. Muskan says now she knows whom to take work from, she will take care of her laundry and other work. Kuhu takes her from there while servant fumes.

Pandit tells Kavya that her kundali and hand rays are not matching. Daadi says bride is Kavya’s elder sister. Muskan comes and Samarth says she came on right time, else Pandit was forcing to marry Kavya. Muskan holds Samarth and says he is all hers. Kuhu thinks just like her, Pandit also got confused that Kavya is bride. Pandit checks Muskan’s hand and tells Bhairavi that their kundalis are matching and marriage should happen within 3 days, else after 1 year. Samarth says he is okay with marriage after 3 days if Muskan and her family does not have objection. Muskan says the sooner the better. Daadi says how will she arrange so early. Samarth says he will arrange everything and looking at Muskan says he was waiting for this moment eagerly and requests daadi to agree. Daadi says okay. Bhairavi says her happiness is in her brother’s happiness and congratulates Daadi for her granddaughter’s marriage. Daadi says same to you. Kavya hugs Muskan and congratulates her and then daadi.

Kavya congratlates Samarth. He says she can call him jiju as anways she has to call after 3 days. He says until she works and clears his debt, she will call him sir and then jijaji. Bhairavi tells Muskan that she must have checked whole house. Muskan says house is dull and hope Samarth’s room is not dull, if it is, she will change his room’s interiors. Manager comes home and Sambhav says mamaji is busy, so he will handle any issue. Manager says Samarth took out away all his responsibilities, so he cannot help. Muskan smirks at Sambhav and leaves. Sambhav follows Muskan and asks her to give him a chance to change. She says she does not want to be with loser. He requests again. She says she is of his age, so she will give him a chance, if he proves in 3 days that he has power and money like Samarth, she will marry him, till then he should not disturb her. Samarth comes searching her and clashes with him and asks what is she doing here. She says she had gone to washroom and forgot route. Bhairavi comes searching Samarth. Muskan says Samarth his nephew is very good, he was bringing her to him and asks him to show his room. He says okay and she walks holding his hand, smirking at Sambhav and Bhairavi.

Samarth takes Muskan to his room. She says she will change interiors after marriage with wall colors, fresh flowers, bright bedsheets, music system and asks if she can make these changes. He holds her from behind and says she can do anything after marriage. Mila hai tu….song..plays in the background… Muskan asks really. He says yes. She gets romantic and hugs him. Their eyes lock. Romantic song continues in the background…

Bhairavi tells Daadi that marriage and bidayi will happen here. Samarth comes with Muskan and says Bhairavi is right. Daadi says Muskan’s birthday is on marriage day. Samarth asks Muskan why did not she inform him. She says it is his duty to enquire about her. Samarth says then there will be double celebration. Daadi says but….Samarth asks not to worry, he will arrange everything. Bhairavi says Daadi she must be getting late. Daadi says she will leave then. Samarth says he will drop them out and walks with daadi. Muskan asks Bhairavi if she will give bridal dress and jewelry as shakuni. Bhairavi says excuse me.. Muskan says as per her family rituals, bride’s family gifts dress and jewelry as shakun, but if she cannot, she will manage. Bhairavi says when she is ready for relationships, she will not bother with small things, she will send her gift. Samarth comes back and asks Muskan if they can go on dinner date tonight. Kavya and Kuhu come to pick her up. Sambhav calls Muskan. Muskan sends them away, picks call and shouts at Sambhav dare not to call her if he cannot fulfill her demands. Servant hears Muskan’s conversation and thinks she is having affair somewhere else also.

In the morning, Kavya comes to office and asks peon to change Samarth’s bathroom’s sanitizer. She takes files from other employee and walks towards Samarth’s cabin, then thinks she should concentrate on ther job and not think of Samarth much now as he is getting married to her sister.

Muskan throws all her clothes from cupboard. Kuhu scolds her for messing up house. Mujskan says she is having dinner date tonight and does not have proper clothes. Daadi comes and asks them to stop fighting. Muskan shouts she will mess up house until she gets proper clothes.

Samarth enters cabin and clashes with Muskan. Files fall down. Samarth says he will pick it. She asks what is he doing here instead of marriage preparations. He asks what is she doing here, he will grant her 3 days leave. She says as per HR policy she has to give prior notice. He requests her to go and help her daadi. Kavya smiles and leaves. Samarth thinks she is arrogant and he has to tolerate her.

Daadi scolds Muskan and Kuhu not to fight. Kavya comes home and asks what is happening and asks not to panic, she knows there is very less time left for marriage, but they all 3 can manage. She scolds Kuhu that she knows Muskan is demanding since childhood and tells Muskan that she should behave with Kuhu as she takes care of her so much. She gets emotional that she will miss her sister from now on and hugs Muskan and Kuhu. Muskan apologizes Kuhu. Kuhu says she forgot how much she irritates when she goes for audition, today it is her date with jiju and she has to tolerate her at least now. Muskan runs behind her and then all 3 sisters hug emotionally.

Bhairavi speaks to daadi over phone and says she will send shagun mehandi. Her puppet servant Mansa comes and says everything is messed up and suggests her to cancel marriage. Bhairavi asks not to sprinkle salt on wounds. Mansa says if she does not cancel marriage, girl will ruin her peace. Bhairavi asks to be specific. Mansa says girl is having an affair with other guy. Bhairavi is shocked and asks how does she know. Mansa says she heard Muskan telling someone not to meet now and meet sometime later. Bhairavi says she needs proof and asks her to spy Muskan, till then she will try to explain Samarth. Mansa says she got a right chance and should utilize it.

Precap: Bhairavi asks Samarth if he is happy with this marriage. He says yes. She asks if he knows Muskan well. He says he does not want to know about her past. She says sometimes one’s past can spoil present.

Update Credit to: MA

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    This show will now go like film aania, where younger sis will marry groom.. but with the sprinkle as always shown in other serials…..

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