Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Badi maa with Latha and Suman selects saris for karva chauth function. Ansh and Bhoomi enter. Badi maa says Bhoomi she has selected sari and jewelry for her first karva chauth. Latha says she will teach her rituals. Pavitra asks Bhoomi if she will keep fast for her already husband or would be husband, pointing at Yuvraj and Ansh. Badi maa gets angry and asks what kind of weird question it is, Ansh is Bhoomi’s husband. Varun enters. Bhoomi asks Surbhi if she will keep fast as she is single. Surbhi says she will not but thinks she wants to fast.

Bhoomi goes to her room. Yuvraj enters, locks door, and dorns sari on her. She gets angry and asks him to get out. Badi maa comes to give her sari and calls Bhoomi. Bhoomi says she is in washroom. Yuvraj says Bhoomi now what will

she say her family. Bhoomi says she will tell he entered and tried to misbehave with her. He asks her to try. She opens door nervously. Badi maa enters and sees no one inside and asks why is she looking nervous. Bhoomi says she opened door late, so she got afraid. Badi maa asks not to worry, gives her sari and leaves. Yuvraj comes out and burns badi maa’s gifted sari and says she should tell badi maa that she likes her husband’s gifted sari more.

Suman enters Surbhi and sees her sitting sadly. She says she should marry her friend. Pavitra passes by with Varun saying she will follow every ritual for him. He angrily asks her not to do anything as he does not care what she does, one lady sold him and she bought it, he is just a toy for them both. Once he leaves, Surbhi starts crying. Suman consoles her and says Bhoomi told once Varun’s anger calms down, he will get back to her.

Bhoomi nevously thinks about tomorrow’s karva chauth. Ansh enters and asks if she really wants to fast tomorrow. Bhoomi says she will and says though he does not trust her, she is Bhoomi. Their conversation continues. Ansh sees burnt sari piece and asks how did it come here. Bhoomi says must have flown in via air. He says she seems to be hiding something and is tensed and she can share her tension with him if she wants. She stands silently.

Precap: Yuvraj tells Bhoomi that his family is sending her sargi and she should accept that she is Divya. She says she will not. He holds her shoulder. Ansh sees that. Yuvraj acts as getting nervous.

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  1. will real bhoomi will keep the fast? if she is not going to return in the life of ansh then it would be better to end the show becoz now i has become boring.

  2. show has become boring now so plz end the show

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