Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shrainik and Muskan discuss how they fooled everyone with kidnap drama. Muskan asks him how did he kill Samarth’s first wife. He says it was very easy. Maa saa/Bhairavi created rift between Samarth and Priya and he failed car brakes and she died. He and maa saa wants Samarth’s property and asks her to take care of Samarth’s drinks. Kavya thinks how can they stoop so low. She touches vase by mistake and it falls down. They come out hearing voice and she runs out of farm house and hides behind tree. They search her and go back to farm house. Kavya calls Samarth repeatedly to call him, but he does not pick call.

Muskan sees Kavya’s watch on floor and says Shrainik it is Kavya. Shrainik says Kavya will die now. Muskan says Kavya is her sister and she will control her. Shrainik strangulates her neck and says he does not want to go to jail and can kill even her. He calls Bhairavi and says Kavya heard their conversation and they should catch her before she meets Samarth.

Bhairavi goes to Samarth’s room and does not find him. She thinks he must have gone to meet Kavya and gets tensed. Samarth comes from washroom and asks what happened. She says he divorced Kavya and now should marry Muskan legally as per rituals. He says yes. She says let us go and says she gave his car for servicing and they will use her car. He agrees and leaves in car. Kavya reaches Samarth’s home via auto and sees his car going and runs behind it calling Samarth, but he does not listen to her. Bhairavi sees her and informs Shrainik via phone. Shrainik sends his goons and they capture Muskan and kidnap her.

Precap: Kavya stops Samarth and Muskan’s marriage and asks Muskan how can she stoop so low for money. Muskan shouts to stay away from her and Samarth. Bhairavi shouts and Kavya says she is the main culprit. Bhairavi slaps her.

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Thiss is too much… i hope smarth belives kavya without any proof….

  2. I doubt smarth will believe kavya as in all serial hero ask proof from heroin
    And they never believes bcoz if they do they wont b able to drag the story lines

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