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Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasundhara shouts in front of family that somebody made duplicate keys of her store room and tries to intervene her privacy. She looks at Bhoomi and says anyways a big shani/bad luck will be out of her house in 5 days. Surbhi reaches there and Vasundhara asks why did she come. She says she wanted to see mom/ugly Suman. Ugly takes her to her room.

Shanti does not see Surbhi at home and asks Varun where is she. He says that ugly suman’s is ill and Surbhi was tensed, so he sent there to meet her. He leaves to hospital. Shanti tells Janaki that surbhi would have gone after pooja and asks her to control her.

Bhoomi comes to her room and sees Ansh searching her lugguage. She asks what is he searching. He shouts where aer badi maa’s study room keys. She extends hand behind

wall and gives him keys. He shouts that he warned her not to trouble badi maa, but she did not listen. She tries to show clicked pics, but he shouts that he does not want to listen to her and asks her not even be around badi maa.

Ugly suman informs surbhi about badi maa’s ultimatum for bhoomi and surbhi says it is a big news, now she will go after 5 days only after sending bhoomi out of this house. Ugly says she should go today itself. She walks down and tells latha that she will be back in 1 month again.

Bhoomi thinks she cannot go to store room again as Ansh warned her, but she can go and check hospital and leaves home thinking she can be back in 2-3 hours. Ansh reaches office but feels sad for scolding bhoomi. He calls her to apologize, but hears traffic sound. She is in auto and says she is in house lawn, so he is hearing traffic sound. He rushes home and shouts Bhoomi’s name. Latha comes and says she has gone out. He is shocked and fumes. Bhoomi enters just then with wet clothes and says she was helping servant pick clothes. Ansh calms down and tries to leave, but slips. Bhoomi holds him. Latha reminisces she going out. She asks Bhoomi what is she doing. Bhoomi asks her to trust her and says she is going away in 5 days and will not get her into trouble. Latha says she trusts her. Bhoomi says she will not do anything that will harm dignity of this house.

Shukla family enjoy chat after dinner. Surbhi comes and asks if they had dinner so early. Shanti says if she thought they will not have food if she does not cook and asks how can she go to her maika/mom’s house without informing her or Janaki. She asks if she is shying away from work, so she went. Janaki says ugly is ill, so she went there. Shanti says surbhi has not learnt family disciplines. Surbhi gets irks and shouts at her that she is more disciplined than Bhoomi and at least she tries to keep her in-laws happhy, not like bhoomi who makes mistakes repeatedly and badi maa has given her ultimatum to get out in 5 days. Whole family is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Dhara cries that her daughter is being tortured by her in-laws. Bijender says he will bring back Bhoomi. He reaches bhopal with Rajender and tells Latha that he came to take back Bhoomi.

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