Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Varun takes Surbhi to a museum. Surbhi messages her friend that she reached museum. Suman calls her and asks if she reached Indore. Surbhi says yes and says badi maa/bhabhi maa has gone on official work and asks her to keep badi maa busy for 4 hours at least. Varun hears her conversation and asks if they can have coffee first. She with weird faces says yes.

Bhabhi maa is busy questioning Shanti, Murli and Bhoomi why marriage is taking so many days and they are staying in Indore. She gets Suman’s call who asks her to bring banarasi saris from Indore as bhopal does not have good collection and Surbhi wants to wear only saris selected by her. Shanti says bhabhi maa they will leave now. Vasundhara/bhabhi maa says she will drop them and tells even Varun is in Indore. They say they

will go by themselves. Once bhabhi maa leaves, Shanti asks why Varun did not inform her about coming to Indore. Bhoomi says bhai had called, but she forgot. She searches her phone and realizes she left it in her apartment and asks Shanti to give her phone. Shanti says it si switched off. Bhoomi says let us reach temple first before Saurabh and Ria’s marriage finishes and gets into taxi.

Ansh brings panditji and asks him to start Saurabh and Ria’s marriage. He waits for Bhoomi. Ria and Saurabh’s parents come and ask to stop the marriage. They get tensed. Parents say they agree for their marriage now after someone explained them. Ria gets happy and asks who? They point at Bhoomi and Daad/daadi and tell Bhoomi explained them. Ria thanks bhoomi and daada/daadi. Daada says marriage without parent’s consent is incomplete. Pandit starts marriage. Ansh says Bhoomi she completed his challenge. She says she did what she felt is right and does not throw challenges on others. He knew she will do it, so he gave her challenge. Marriage continues. Daadi says Ansh helped her, but lied a lot. Ansh says he lied to them, but for Ria’s goodness and requests to forgive him. Daadaji asks her to forgive kid. Daadi smiles and forgives him.

Bhabhi maa calls Saurabh’s mom and asks her if she can tell some good sari shop. Mom says she can help her, but is busy with her son Saurabh’s marriage. Bhabhi maa asks she did not invite her at all. Mom says it happened in a hurry and requests her to attend marriage if she is in Indore as she wants her to meet someone because of whom Saurabh’s marriage is happening. Bhabhi maa agrees. Ria and Saurabh’s pheras start. Ansh throws flowers and reminisces his moments with Bhoomi. He continues starting at Bhoomi and smiles reminiscing their nok jhok. Pandit says marriage is complete now and bride/groom can take blessings of elders. They take Daada/daadi’s blessings first and then parents. Saurabh then thanks Ansh. Ansh says he is his brother, so no need to thank. Ria thanks Bhoomi. Bhoomi sees Shanti feeling ill and says they should leave now and take Daadi for MRI scan. Daada says he will take Daadi and she can stay here. Daada agrees and leaves in taxi with Daadi.

Bhoomi while descending stairs slips. Ansh holds her on time. She thanks him. He continues staring her. She asks why is he staring her. He says he loves her, I love you. He does not know how it happened, but loves her and wants to spend life with her. He asks if she loves him. She asks him to stop joking. He says he is not joking and says he likes her smile, anger, emotional side, etc., and its attracts him towards her. She asks him to stop and says this cannot happen when he does not know her. He asks her to give him one chance. She says she cannot. He says if she is worried about her family, he will convince her. She says her marriage is fixed.

Precap: Saurabh’s mom tells Bhabhi maa that Saurabh’s marriage happened because of Maan. Bhabhi maa sees Ansh, calls him Anshuman and asks why is he here.

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