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Bhagya Lakshmi 29th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhoomi enters Kaveri’s room and asks why did she come here when badi maa/Vasundhara is giving her monthly allowance. Kaveri says she does not know Vasundhara’s true colors and sends her out. Vasundhara then goes to Kaveri’s room and asks her to go back from here. Kaveri says she became bhabhi maa of everyone and is ruling everyone and took her place. Vasundhara says she will give her 5 lakhs per month with which she can live a lavish life. Kaveri says she can build a bigger house than this with 5 lakhs per month allowance, but she needs her place. She breaks vase and starts yelling loudly. Agram enters hearing sound followed by family members. Kaveri starts her mad acting and says this jailer/vasundhara is frightening. Agram asks Vasundhara to go out and makes Kaveri sleep

on bed. Latha says she is bhabi maa and not jailer. agram says he will get her room cleaned and asks her to sleep calmly. Kaveri smirks under blanket.

Vasundhara goes back to her room and reminisces Agram opposing her for the first time. She thinks Kaveri has become a big menace for her.

Bhoomi walks towards Vasundhara’s room thinking she is suffering a lot and should go and console her. Just when she is about to knock door Ansh holds her hand and says she should not disturb badi maa now as she is very tensed and must have already slept.

Kaveri explains her plan to Pavitra and tells they should break Vasundhara’s family unity first to rule over them. Pavitra asks how will she do it and asks if she will not inform even her son chudiya/golden sparrow. Ansh passes by with Bhoomi and hears their talk. Bhoomi says they should check. ansh says bua/kaveri must have woken up to go to bathroom, so they should not disturb her and takes her from there. Pavitra gets tensed that they will be caught. Kaveri opens door and sees no one around.

In the morning, Kaveri complains Latha and ugly Suman that Vasundhara tried to harm her last night. Latha says she is our bhabhi maa and every much concerned of her. Kaveri says they forced her to come here, else she was happy in temple begging with 2 saris. Latha says she is thinking wrong and says once breakfast is perpared, she will take her down. Kaveri says if she is forcing, she will.

While Vasundhara is having breakfast with Ansh, Pavitra enters signing and picks apple. Vasundhara gets angry seeing her indiscipline. Pavitra asks her to stop staring and says she is not interesting in having breakfast with her. Latha brings breakfast. Bhoomi says she will bring rest. Latha looks at her angrily and leaves. Bhoomi gets sad seeing her changed behavior. Surbhi brings Kaveri to dining table. Kaveri winks at Pavitra signalling her to execute their plan.

Precap: Bhoomi hears Kaveri and Pavitra’s plan of breaking Vasundhara’s family and challenges them that until she is there, they cannot break her family.

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