Bhagya Lakshmi 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samarth and Muskan continue their romance outside Samarth’s office. Kavya comes and is shocked to see that. She thinks she should be happy for Muskan, then why is she feeling bad. Samarth part ways seeing Kavya. Muskan says Kavya will not mind and asks how will they inform their families now. He says he will handle it.

Sambhav comes home telling his friend over phone that Muskan is not picking his all at all. Bhairavi asks him to take her to temple. He says he is not her servant. She scolds him for his changed behavior. Samarth calls her and asks her to start marriage preparations as Muskan agreed for marriage. She si shocked and asks if he is sure about marriage with Muskan. He says yes. She says her happiness is in her brother’s happiness and disconnects call. She then tells Sambhav that his mama is madly in love with a girl who as no class at all and he is dying for her Muskaan. Sambhav asks Muskan?? She says yes girl’s name is Muskan Prajapati. He is shocked to hear that and reminisces Muskan’s tantrums.

Vasundhara at home nervously thinks what surprise Muskan wants to give. Samarth comes and knocks door. Muskan says he is Kavya’s boss Samarth. Vasundhara greets him in. Samarth says he and Muskan have decided to marry. Vasundhara asks if they tought well. They both say yes. She says she is happy for them.

Samarth comes out of home with Muskan and says her daadi is great. Muskan says her daadi needs her happiness. He says he will arrange their marriage and leaves. Sambhav comes and calls Muskan a betrayer. Muskan says she did right by ditching a beggar who lives on his uncle’s favors and starts insulting him. He says he will inform Samarth about their relationship. She says she will tell that they were knowing each other and things did not work, thats all. She calls him loser and leaves. Sambhav stands in a shock.

Precap: Sambhav catches Muskan near washroom and asks her to give him a chance. She says she will not marry a beggar and says if he proves that he is rich like Samarth, she will think about him.

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