Bhagya Lakshmi 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inebriated Samarth tells Kavya that he loves her and falls asleep murmuring Samarth and Kavya are made for each other. Kavya walks to her room emotionally. Shrainik while driving car asks Bharavi to think about Muskan once. She says if he did not hear astrologer telling that Muskan will bring bad luck for Samarth.

Kavya sobbing reminisces Samarth’s words and thinks if he really loves her. She falls asleep on sofa and dreams of Samarth wishing her good morning and pampering her. She wakes up hearing door knock and opens door. Muskan enters and says she does not know when she will start her and Samarth’s divorce proocedings, so she brought divorce papers and she should sign in. Kavya says she needsto find out some answers and will go only after that. Mujskan says if

she stays here, she is a big threat for her and Samarth’s relationship, so she should go and asks her to return papers soon after signing them. Kavya thinks they way Samarth reacted yesterday night, she has to find the real reason behind it.

Kavya walks towards store room when Bhairavi stops her and shouts not to go there. Kavya says she will find out Muskan’s pic’s secret via Samarth itself. Bhairavi shouts to go from here and asks Mansa to keep an eye on Kavya as she tries to act oversmart.

Kavya goes to Samarth’s room and sees him praying Muskan’s pic with flowers. She asks what is all this, why is he praying Muskan. Samarth says she is his wife Priya and not Muskan and goes into flashback where he gets busy in his work and Bhairavi warns him to concentrate on Priya, else someone else will enter her life. He sees a man’s shadow near window and asks Priya who was it. She says no one, but he fights with her. She leaves in car and meets with an accident. He comes out of flashback and says he killed Priya and Muskan resembles her face but is completely different in character. He cries hugging her.

Mansa brings Bhairavi, Muskan, and Shrainik to Samarth’s room. They are all shocked to see them hugging. Muskan slaps Kavya and asks how dare she is to hug her husband, she wants to snatch her husband. Kavya says she is thinking wrong, Samarth is in pain remembering his past. Muskan says she knows Samarth’s past. Samarth asks how does she know about his past. She says she loves and cares for him and cannot see him in pain. He asks who told her. She says she investigated herself. Samarth asks everyone to go out except Bhairavi and asks her how can she do this to him being his sister. She says she could not see him going back in sorrows, so she told Muskan. He says he did not expect this from her.

Precap: Kavya sees Muskan speaking to a man and telling she senses Kavya and Samarths’ closeness and had to come and soon she will force Samarth to divorce Kavya.

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