Bhagya Lakshmi 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ansh while passing towards mantap sees Bhoomi in every girl. He passes by Bhoomi’s room and thinks he is imagining her. Bhoomi sees him and tries to run behind him, but Dhara and Avni stop her and say she has to wait till her marriage finishes. Ansh comes to mantap, but sees Bhoomi coming towards mantap and runs to his room. People talk why groom ran from there. Vasundhara asks Agram to go and bring Maan. Maan reminisces Bhoomi’s words and drinks alcohol. Suman on the other side asks Dhara to correct bhoomi’s veil as their family brides don’t show face before marriage. Dhara corrects Boomi’s veil and makes her sit in mantap. Agram asks Maan to open door and brings inebriated Maan to mantap, who comes with wobbling gait and sits next to Bhoomi. Bhoomi smiles

seeing him. Varun and Surbhi also sit for their marriage.

Vasundhara asks Panditji to start mariage mantras/pooja. Pandit starts mantras. Ansh looks at bride and reminisces Bhoomi’s words. Pandit asks brides and grooms to get up and exchange garlands. Surbhi and Varun does happily. Bhoomi exchanges garland, but Ansh stops thinking about Bhoomi’s insulting words, but then exchanges garland and sits next to Bhoomi.

Sarla hears bride name as Bhoomi Shukla and reminisces Bhoomi forcefully getting Surabh married to Ria against her wish. She walks towards Ria to ask. Bhoomi and Ansh’s and Surbhi and Varun’s knots are tied and pandit asks to start pheras. Ansh stumbles, but Bhoomi holds him up. Ansh reminisces Bhoomi holding him once and starts pheras reminisces Bhoomi’s insult. Sarla tries to walk towards Ria, but guests stop her. She then goes to Vasundhara and asks if her bahu works in Indore. Vasundhara says her bahu is from Ujjain and never did go to job. Agram takes her to the corner and informs something.

Pandit asks grooms to dorn mangalsutra over bride’s neck. Inebriated Maan sits silently. Latha asks him to do so and he hesistantly does. Varun also dorns mangalsutra over Surbhi’s neck. Pandit asks brides to apply sindhoor on bride’s forehead. Latha gives sindhoor to Maan. He looks at Bhoomi’s face and gets shocked, but thinks again as his imagination.

Precap: Sarla tells Vasundhara that Bhoomi is unfit to be her bahu as she was Ria’s roommate and used to work with her in Indore. Vasundhara frees Ansh and Bhoomi’s knot and says she was betrayed and does not consider this marriage.

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