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Bhagya Lakshmi 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samarth shouts at Kavya after Bhairavi informs him that Muskan rejected his marriage proposal. He gets into car and leaves. Kuhu calls Kavya and informs that Muskan rejected Samarth’s marriage proposal and asks to come home right now. Kavya says she will reach home via bus soon. Samarth while driving car thinks why did Kavya reject him, he needs to find out.

Vasundhara’s principal informs her that trustee wants to meet her regarding her job extension. Vasundhara goes to cabin and is shocked to see Bhairavi there. Bhairavi says when she called and informed that her granddaughter does not want to marry Samarth, she thought she told this because she was rich in the past, but what about her grandson why is she so arrogant. Vasundhara says Muskan is not yet ready for marriage.

Bhairavi says she did good in fact by rejecting proposal and gives her job extension letter and leaves wishing best of luck.

Samarth reaches Kavya’s home and knocks door. Muskan thinks it is Kuhu and asks to come in. Samarth enters and she says Kavya has not reached home yet. He says he came to meet her and gives her precious diamond set. She shouts he cannot buy her with precious gifts. He says he wants to show her importance in his life. She says he may be big shot, but he cannot please her and they are matchless, so he should get out from there. He walks out sadly. Kavya comes and asks what happened. He shouts at her to shut up and leaves. Kavya thinks between Muskan and Samarth’s fight, she is suffering.

Bhairavi tells her servant that big problem is solved after Muskan rejected Samarth. Samarth reaches home sadly. She asks if he is sad after Muskan’s denial, she will get him many Muskans. He says he needs only his Muskan.

Kavya while making Samarth’s family profile at home asks Muskan why did she reject Samarth. Muskan says she needs much richer and younger man. Kavya says she will not get much richer man than Samarth. Muskan says she has a rich boyfriend and will marry only him. Kava continues making Samarth, Bhairavi, and other’s profile. Muskan checks and is shocked to see Sambhav’s profile in it. Kavya says he is Samarth’s useless nephew who is waste and does not work. Muskan walks out silently and calls Sambhav. Sambhav says he was busy.

Precap: Muskan thinks when all the power is with Samarth, why will she marry his puppet Sambhav. During client meeting, client shows Samarth a mistake and Samarth forces Kavya to apologize all clients.

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