Bhagya Lakshmi 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya tells Muskan if she really thinks Samarth is behind her kidnap. Muskan says Samarth is innocent and says she should go back home. Kavya asks how will she manage alone and she thought she needs her help. Muskan says things are normalizing now and if she interferes, things will complicate, so she is thinking of asking Samarth to divorce Kavya so that there won’t be any problems later. Kavya gets sad.

Samarth while driving his car reminisces Muskan and Kavya’s words and thinks what is happening with him, why is he thinking of Kavya more, he should not think about her. He drives car back home and walks in. Kavya while walking in corridor thinks why is Muskan hurrying to send her back home. Samarth comes and clashes with her and holds her. Their eyes lock. She says

she needs to talk to him. He says sorry. Their heads collide and her hjair gets stuck in his button. She tries to remove it, he says he will remove it and removes. He says he is not well now and will speak to her later. He says she think about others a lot and less about her, she should think about herself also. Muskan watches them hiding and fumes in jealousy.

Bhavri wanders in room fuming how dare Muskan is to allege her. Mansa brings water. Bhairavi breaks water glass. Shrainik comes in and Mansa asks her to control herself. Bhairavi cries how can she when Muskan snatched her brother from her and made her criminal in her own house.

Muskan in her room reminisces Samarth telling Kavya to think about herself also. She goes to washroom and comes back and is shocked to see Sambhav sitting on sofa. She shouts what is he doing in her room. He asks what is she doing in his life. She asks to get out, else hewill be in trouble. He asks why did she allege him of kidnapping her. She asks again to get out, else he will be in trouble. He came out of jail because of her and should be thanful to her and if he tries to be oversmart, she will tell family that he tried to marry her by showing fake property papers. He asks how can she stoop so low. She says he is fit for nothing and should not interfere in her life, else he will repent. He shouts shut up. She asks what will he do then, if she shouts, he will be finished. He strangulates her neck and says he does not have anything to lose, but she has and he will take it from her. Shrainik comes and slaps Sambhav and asks how dare he is to stoop low. He tries to slap again. Sambhav holds his hand and asks what happened to him, Muskan is misleading them all. Shraink says he does not have any right to misbehave with maami saa and asks to get out. Sambhav warns Muskan that she will repay for her deeds and walks out. Shrainik asks Muskan if she is fine. She says yes. He says everyone are tensed with the things happening here and he hopes everything gets back to normal. He says mama saa needs a partner who loves and cares him and hope she is will love mama saa. Muskan thinks of course after all she is Samarth’s wife and is her duty to take care of him and let him take care of her.

Sambhav sees Kavya walking in corridor and stops her. She says whatever happened between us, it is better they don’t speak. He says he is also being trapped like her and she should stay away from her sister as she is lier and cunning and can do anything for her benefit.

Muskan calls someone and asks if they have reached, she will reach in 10 min and will make sure nobody sees her. She leaves home silently.

Kavya calls Daadi and asks if she and Kuhu reached home safely. Daadi says yes and asks her to take care of her. Kavya says in 2 days she will be with them. She hears someone playing mouth organ, walks into Samarth’s room and sees him playing it. She tries to return back when inebriated Samarth stops her and asks her not to go. He gets up with wobbly gait and falls. She holds him and makes him sit on bed. He says he really thinks she is a musician as she knows what he needs and understands him. He asks how she understands him so easily. She says she does not know and these words have no meaning. She wanted to talk, but he is not in a condition to listen her, so she will come later. He holds her hand again. She gets nervous and says Muskan will come. He holds her shoulder and says she speaks a lot and let him speak today. He holds her face then and says when he closes eyes, he sees only her. She closes eyes feeling his hands. He continues repeating how can she understand him so well and a background song Tu hi mera dariya, tu hi hai guzarish starts….He kisses her and she stands reciprocating…

Precap: Muskan tells Kavya that she does not when she will talk to Samarth about her divorce, so she brought divorce papers, she should sign them and go home.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Y muskan is in hurry of kavya and samrth divorce???
    And show 1 week me end hona hai or itna kuch sach bahar aana hai kaise hoga???

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    thanks writer it will end in 1 weak………….

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