Bhagya Lakshmi 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samarth thinks he cannot trust Muskan after she betrayed her, but his heart says she has changed and he should trust her. Mansa massages Bhairavi’s scalp and says bannaji/Samarth has not eaten since 2 days and even servant are afraid of going into his room seeing his temper. Kavya and her family’s emotional drama starts and they recoincile hugging each other.

Kavya enters Samarth’s room with breakfast and says he did not have anything since 2 days and should have breakfast at least now. He says he is not hungry. She says he is angry now, but he should not punish himself and with anger, problems cannot be solved. Muskan enters and starts showing fake love for Samarth. Samarth who is undergoing midlife crisis easily falls for her and eats breakfast.

Inspector comes and tells family that the place Muskan was kidnapped is in Samarth’s name and gives property papers. Samarth says these are his property papers, but what it proves. Inspector gives his credit card and says he found on the spot. Samarth says card was stolen and he is not involved in kidnap. Inspector says he may have kidnapped Muskan. Muskan says either Sambhav or Bhairavi kidnapped her as Samarth is jealous as she did not marry him and Bhairavi does not like him. Sambhav says she hit him on his head and escaped and now wrongly alleging him and angrily walks towards her. Samarth stops him and orders to back off and says Bhairavi cannot kidnap her. Muskan says then Sambhav kidnapped her. Inspector says he will come back with a proof and leaves. Muskan holds Samarth and says until she is there, nobody can blame him. Samarth removes her hand. Bhairavi tries to speak, but Samarth says he will talk to her later and leaves. Kavya reminisces Bhairavi twisting her hand and warning to stay away from all this and thinks she must be the kidnapper.

Precap: Muskan says Kavya that she should go back. Kavya asks how will she handle alone and she thought she needs her. Muskan says she needed her, but not now and says she will get her and Samarth’s divorce proceedings soon.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I hate muskan

  2. Kya pagalon wala storyline h! I started watch life ok at 8pm so dnt watch it anymre bt wantd to read d updates. Insane it is! Complete bullshit

  3. I still think this serial is too long…they should have ended it with bhoomi and ansh them and started this one afresh. …who is kuhu. ..she is pavitra right…how come she didn’t age n muskann is older then her….its just confusing

    1. No no,kuhu is pavitra’s daughter.

  4. Kuhu is not Pavitra, she is Pavitra’s daughter.

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