Bhagya Lakshmi 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surbhi wearing white sari wishes whole family and leaves for Ujjain to stay with Varun’s family. Suman asks if she has to really go. Surbhi says she wants to take responsibility from which she was shying since childhood.

At court, judge pronounces Yuvraj guilty in Varun’s murder case and pronounces 14 years jail. In jail, Yuvraj thinks Ansh did wrong by leaving him alive, he will kill his whole family once he will go out.

Divya informs Ansh that Yuvraj is jailed for 14 years. Ansh says it is good for her. He takes out papers and says these are divorce papers and he wants her to sign them before he returns home. He has brought her a house as a compensation of her taking care of his family till now. Divya looks at him with teary eyes.

Ansh goes down getting

ready for office. Divya brings him breakfast and says luncbox is ready. Badi maa asks Ansh to take lunch box. He says he is having lunch meeting. Divya asks to have breakfast at least. Ansh says he is getting late for office. Badi maa says nothing will happen in 2 min. He agrees and angrily goes and sits on dininng table. Divya serves him breakfast. Badi maa notices their faces.

Divya gets call from hospital. Ansh picks it. Nurse says Bhoomi’s nurse Malthi’s condition is critical and she wants handover something to Divya. Ansh says he is Divya’s husband and will inform her.

Ansh reaches hospital and asks receptionist about Malthi nurse. Receptionist says she died some time ago. Nurse comes and says she called her and gives Bhoomi’s diary to him.

Pavitra tells Badi maa that she is having air hostess interview today. Badi maa says she has to take care of business. Pavitra says Ansh is there to take care of business and she wants to see the whold world. Badi maa smiles and hugs her.

Badi maa asks Bhoom if everything is fine. She says yes. Badi says something is wrong. Lawyer comes just then and tells badi maa that Ansh sent some papers for his wife. Badi maa asks which papers. Lawyer is about to speak when Divya takes papers and sends lawyer. Badi maa asks which papers are these. Divya says Ansh made some investment.

Ansh reads Bhoomi’s diary in which she writes how she convinced Diya to become Bhoomi and take care of her badi maa and Ansh. She writes Ansh should accept Divya as Bhoomi and their new love story should start. Ansh starts crying reading diary. Bhoomi describes whole story and Ansh continues crying.

Precap: Badi gets busy thinking there is something wrong between Ansh and Bhoomi. Muskan falls from bed. Badi maa sees that and shouts Muskaan. Divya and other run in and ask what happened. Badi maa says Muskan fell and got unconscious.

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