Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suman goes to call Surbhi for dinner and sees her weeping. She asks what happened. Surbhi says Varun talked to her after a long time. Suman says it is a good sign, he still loves her. Surbhi cries that she is very bad and lost Varun due to he greediness. Suman consoles her and takes her down.

Whole family sits for dinner. Bhoomi hesitates due to her hand wounds. Ansh says he will feed her today and asks to come and sit next to her. Whole family smiles. Bhoomi sits next to Ansh. Yuvraj fumes seeing that and breaks water glass. Badi maa asks what happened. He says he goes out of control sometimes and apologizes. Badi maa says it is okay. He says he wants to arrange Bhoomi and Ansh’s sangeet. Badi says rejects his proposal. He insists and pleads. Badi agrees finally.

He smirks at Bhoomi/Divya and leaves. Ansh feeds Bhoomi and Yuvraj fumes thinking he cannot tolerate it anymore. Ansh gets call from construction site and leaves saying badi maa he will be back soon.

At night, Bhoomi wakes up hearing sound and sees blood stains all over her room and Ansh beiing dragged down. She runs behind and sees Ansh falling from stairs and knife on his throat. She shouts Ansh and calls family. Lights switch on and she is shocked to see Yuvraj’s junior artist who runs from here. Yuvraj comes and says this is just trailor and main picture is on sangeet day. Whole family gathers including Ansh. Badi asks what happened. She says she saw bad dream.

Ansh takes her to room. She is shocked to see floor and room clean and tells Ansh to close door as she is worried about his life and cannot live without him. They both sleep on bed. She tells Ansh that she wants to tell something. He half asleep says yes. She tells he was right, she is not Bhoomi but Divya Maheshwari and tells him whole story, how they got burnt in hospital room and Bhoomi got burnt completely and after treatment requested her to take her place and protect her family from Pavitra. She continues that her ex-husband Yuvraj came back and is haunting her each day, he even killed her father and then kidnapped Bhoomi and killed her. She continues her story and looks at Ansh. Ansh is sound asleep.

In the morning, Pavitra starts her drama in the morning and scolds servant. Servant gets afraid. Pavitra says she is practicing her role for movie and continues her drama.

Precap: Precap will be added later.

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