Bhagya Lakshmi 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pavitra calls bhojpuri film producer to Prajapathi house. Ugly Suman sees cheap producer and asks him to get out. Producer yells that he gave 50,000 rs token amount to Pavitra. Pavitra starts yelling at her. Ansh’s clients come home for business lunch. Ansh sees her coming to hall and takes clients to dining table. Pavitra yells that ugly spoilt her meeting, so she will spoil their meeting and goes to dining hall. Ansh takes clients from there. Agram asks bhabhi maa/vasundhara till when she will tolerate pavitra. Pavitra starts shouting at him and says this is her permanent address now ad she is also family member, then says as a guest she has right to do anything. Bhoomi interferes and asks Pavitra to calm down. She calms down and sends producer promising to meet him in half an hour


Bhoomi takes Pavitra to her room and asks her not to insult family like this if she wants to stay here. Vasundhara enters and asks her not to do C grade movies and asks whatever she needs. Pavitra asks who is she to stop her and asks if she is her mom. Vasundhara stands silently. Pavitra asks why she feels so insulted calling her daughter and leaves. Vasundhara gets sad. Bhoomi tries to console her.

Kaveri calls Vasundhara and asks why is she stopping her daughter from getting successful. Vasundhara says she gave her money monthly to take good car of Pavitra, but she spoilt her. Kaveri says if she forces more, she will take back her daughter as her daughter loves her more. Vasundhara says she will not send Pavitra. Kaveri asks her to behave with her and continues scolding.

Shukla family gets worried for Bhoomi as she did not come with Varun. Tauji calls her and asks why did not she come back when prajapati family is torturing her so much. Bhoomi says she is happy in her home. Tauji asks then why Vasundhara hates her so much and wants her to be out of house soon. Bhoomi says she said it in anger, but loves her more than all family members and thinks are changing now. Tauji asks but…Bhoomi asks if he trusts her. He says yes..She asks him then not to worry about her.

Surbhi hears their conversation and thinks shukla family trusts bhoomi blindly and is believing her lies. She tells varun that she is worried about Bhoomi as pavitra is very dangerous. He gets tensed.

Ansh comes home and tells Bhoomi that he told clients that Pavitra is a mental patient and is undergoing psychiatric treatment. He looks at her romantically and then goes to change his clothes. Bhoomi then hears sound in hall, goes to check and sees Vasundhara there. She asks her what happened. Vasundhara asks her to go and sleep. Bhoomi says she can tell her problem. Vasundhara says Kaveri is troubling her a lot and told she is sending her one more gift, so she is waiting here to receive it before anyone receives it. Pavitra hears their conversation.

Precap: Kaveri calls vasundhara and tells she will send her gift tomorrow afternoon.

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