Bhagya Lakshmi 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhairavi asks Kavya to take Muskan from Samarth’s room as Samarth is very disturbed now. Kavya and Daadi take Muskan to a room. Daadi says this had to happen soon or later and says Muskan is so selfish that she ruined Kavya’s and even her life due to her greed. She promised her parents to take care of her, but she is not letting her in peace. She asks Kuhu and Kavya to pack Muskan’s bag and they will leave from here right now. Muskan says she will not come and will wait here until Samarth realizes her love. Daadi says they will not keep any relationship with her from here on and says Kavya and Kuhu let us go from here. Kavya says she will stay with Muskan until her situation stabilizes with Samarth. Daadi scolds Muskan that is the difference between Kavya and her,

she is so selfish and Kavya is so caring. Kavya asks her to take rest and leaves with Daadi and Kuhu. Muskan calls someone and says because of her/him, Samarth almost killed her. She gets suggestions and nods head.

Kavya goes to Bhairavi’s room and asks what is the secret behind sari and Muskan’s pics in sari, when did Samarth clicked those pics. Bhairavi says she should be thankful that she is proved innocent and should stay away from all this. Kavya says she will ask Samarth directly. Bhairavi twists her hand and shouts to be in her limits, else she will repent. Kavya says police is coming to record Muskan’s statement and if she misbehaves again, police will arrest her.

Inspector comes and congratulates Bhairavi that she got a baby boy. Bhairavi asks what rubbish. He says his son is bailed out and is coming home. Shrainik brings Sambav home. Inspector says he will record Muskan’s statement and ask who kidnapped her. Samarth starts shouting at inspector followed by Bhairavi. Inspector says he can arrest them for their misbehavior. He says he will take Muskan’s statement first and asks to show her room.

Kavya with others takes inspector to Muskan’s room and knocks door. Muskan does not open it. Kavya finds door open, enters and is shocked to see Muskan’s wrist slit. She gets concerned and shouts to call doc. Kuhu calls doc and says to come here (without telling who she is and where to come). Daadi tears her sari pallu. Samarth ties sari piece on Muskan’s wrist and and says blood stopped now. Inspector says he can arrest them all for provoking Muskan to suicide. Samarth and Bhairavi shout again. Kavya requests inspector to let Muskan’s condition stabilize first, then he can take statement. Inspector says he will come back tomorrow and leaves.

Kavya scolds Muskan why did she try to suicide and asks why did not she think of them. Muskan says she realized her true love is Samarth and does not want to live without him, so wants to die. Samarth hears that, goes to his room and thinks he cannot forgive Muskan for her betrayal, but his mind says she has changed.

Precap: Inspector asks Samarth if he can identify the place where Muskan was found. Samarth says no. Bhairavi asks Inspector to be specific. Samarth says the place where Muskan was found is in Samarth’s name.

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