Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A lawyer calls Bhoomi/Divya and asks her to come and sign some important papers. Bhoomi says she will come tomorrow morning. Yuvraj hears that and thinks where his begum wants to go.

Producer’s assistant calls Pavitra and says that his boss is mad behind her and wants to launch her in film as heroine. Pavitra gets very excited hearing that.

In the morning, Bhoomi gets into auto and leaves to meet lawyer. Yuvraj follows her. Bhoomi enters a commercial building and meets lawyer in her cabin. Yuvraj searches her in whole building but does not find her. Bhoomi signs papers, asks lawyer to take care and leaves while yuvraj still searches her. She comes out of building and thinks she saw yuvraj on time and escaped, else he would have troubled her.

Pavitra goes to

producer’s office. He greets her in and praises that she is great heroine like Madhuri dixit, jaya pradha, etc. Pavitra comes into his buttery talks. He gives her script and asks to read it. She asks howmuch he will pay her. He gives her cheque. She opens her eyes wide seeing amount and says if she gets these kind of fool producers, she will earn double than she lost due to Bhoomi. She signs script without reading it and leaves happily. Producer smirks thinking she is a big fool.

Bhoomi reaches home. Latha asks where was she. She gets nervous. Yuvraj enters and says she had been to temple and says he saw her asking auto driver to take her to temple. Latha asks why did she go in auto instead of family car. Bhoomi says she did not want to disturb anyone’s schedule as badi maa or Ansh may take care. Latha asks her to go and rest now. She leaves. Yuvraj smirks murmuring something.

Pavitra reaches home next and tells lallantop lollipop/Varun that she got a big film and will be rich soon. Badi maa hears that and asks why did she sign new producer and why she wants to work in films. Pavitra asks her to mind her business and not try to show her motherly powers. Badi maa say she is worried about her. Pavitra says she should not and leaves yelling.

Bhoomi reaches her room and smiles looking at Ansh. Ansh asks where was she. She says temple and smiles. He asks if she is smiling seeing his concern for her. She nods yes. He feeds her breakfast and asks her not to be careless again. She emotionally says I..then says thank you. He asks why. She says to help her in each moment. He says it is okay. He feeds he eye by mistake. She closes eyes. He apologizes and blows her eye. Their romantic ankh micholi starts. She goes to bathroom and comes out changing her sari. He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty, turns her in front of mirror and ties her blouse thread. Kuch to tha tere mere darmiyaan….song….plays in the background. Bhoomi emotionally reminisces their romantic moments and gets emotional.

Precap: Producer calls Pavitra and says they need to shoot from tomorrow itself.

Update Credit to: MA

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