Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasundhara fumes seeing Bhoomi’s interference. She gets her manager’s call who says she has to decide about cateer and other issues. She asks him to take decisions himself or ask Maan to take decisions.

Shanti daadi forces Surbhi to prepare roti and she prepares it burning her hand. Daadi asks her to call her after preparing round rotis. Dhara tells her that a client has come. Surbhi gets happy and says she will prepare roti. Dhara tries to tell her that her face is smeared with aata, but she does not listen to her, runs down and tries to impress client with he buttery talks. Client tells her she has aata on her face. Surbhi then checks her face in mirror and feels embarrassed.

Bhoomi gets bulk order for Latha’s bedsheets via SMS at night and smiles. Ansh thinks

she must be getting happy seeing Rishi’s message. Bhoomi calls client who asks her to deliver 10 bedsheet and also to bring along a person who designs these bedsheets. Bhoomi says she will try but cannot guarantee. She then goes to Latha’s room, but Agram opens door and asks what she needs. She says she wants to talk to Latha aunty. He informs Latha and Latha comes out tensed. Bhoomi informs her that they got bulk order for bedsheets, but client wants to meet her in the afternoon. Latha gets happy. Bhoomi walks towards her room and hears badi maa talking over phone that at 12 noon her work will be done. Vasundhara turns and gets irked seeing bhoomi. Bhoomi thinks Badi maa is up to something.

In the morning, Bhoomi meets Latha and latha says she is going to badi maa’s room to give her yoga mat. Bhoomi asks if Badi maa does yoga. Latha says since ages and informs benefits of yoga. She says Badi maa’s skin is so shiny and she is so fit because of yoga, she is in 60s but has energy of 30s and handles her whole business so enthustiastically. Bhoomi says even she will do yoga. Latha says they both will soon.

Surbhi gets happy and roams in her botique thinking she does not have to cook. She is surprised to see Daadi holding a book stall in lwan and asks why she needs it at this age. Daadi says it will help her business indeed and people will praise their daadi bahu jodi. Surbhi gets tensed.

Bhoomi walks out with Latha discussing that they have to meet client by 12 noon. Ugly Suman sees them going out and informs Vasundhara. Bhoomi and latha meet client and when client turns, they are shocked to see Vasundhara’s assistant. Vasundhara comes from behind. They both get tensed seeing her.

Vasundhara gather whole family and scolds Latha that she walked out of house for business. She yells at Bhoomi that she spoilt her family members. She asks Latha how can she come under Bhoomi’s trap. Bhoomi says if Latha would have told she wants to work, she would not have let her work. She continues and asks if she is objecting her telling lie or working. Vasundhara shouts to stop.

Precap: Ansh asks Vasundhara what is wrong if Latha wants to pursue her hobby as career, why she is stopping her. Agram gets irked hearing that and holds Ansh’s collar.

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