Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Muskan speaks to someone over phone and says she is working according to their plan and soon will convince back Samarth. Samarth speaks to Kavya. Kavya says he should forgive Muskan and accept her back. He asks who will kidnap her. Kavya says Muskan is not lying this time. He apologizes her for his misbehavior and trouble given to her. She says it is okay. He starts praising her.

Shrainik goes to police station and gets him out. Sambhav thanks him for getting his bail. Shrainik says Kavya is found. Sambhav hugs him happily.

Bhairavi tells Kavya that she should go home now. Daadi asks Kavya to pack her bags. Kavya while packing her bags reminisces Samarth earlier concern for her, their marriage, etc.., and cries.

Someone knocks Muskan’s room door. She opens door and does not see anyone. She finds red sari on floor and takes it in.

Daadi comes and asks Kavya if she is ready to go back home with them. Kavya says she wants to stay here and solve mystery.

Bhairavi tells Samarth what will happen if his ex-wife’s truth comes out in front of everyone. Samarth says it has to come some day and it is better if it comes out soon.

Muskan goes to Samarth’s room wearing his ex-wife’s red sari and says she knows he wil like her in this sari, so she wore it. Samarth smilingly wraps sari around her and then strangulates shouting how dare she is to wear this sari and disrobes her off sari. Kavya enters and is shocked to see this. She wraps bedsheet on Muskan. Bhairavi enters. Samarth shows how dare Muskan is to wear this sari. Bhairavi asks Kavya to take Muskan from here as Samarth is very angry. Kavya takes her out thinking she has to know secret behind this sari and pics.

Precap: Kavya asks Bhairavi when did Samarth took Muskan’s pics in sari. Bhairavi she cannot know about it. Kavya says she will from Samarth itself. Bhairavi twists her hand and shouts she wil repent.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Stupid serial

  2. Boring i want see some romance between kavya and samarth

  3. Now the c.i.d inspector kavya will solve mystery and find out that bhairvi or anyone from family killed samarth’s ex wife.dont knw why all girls become c.i.d after marriage.and dont knw why too much secrets are there in every sasural..

  4. I found a new serial to watch at 8pm on life ok- thanks to tellyupdates’ poll 🙂 saw it today 1st time. It’s based on the show- small wonder and equally hillarious 😀 loved bahu humari rajnikant. 😀

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