Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samarth drops Kavya home and thinks he dropped her to meet Muskaan, but she is not inviting home at all. She silently walks in after thanking him.

Muskan forces Kuhu to apply face pack. Kuhu runs and Muskan runs behind her and throws facepack on her. Samarth enters and face pack falls on him. Kavya asks why did he come. He says Muskan wanted icecream, so he brought it. Muskan thanks him and invites him for icecream party. He accepts readily.

Samarth reaches home and Bhairavi asks to have dinner. He says he is not hungry and goes to his room. In the morning, she goes to his room and sees him picking bright blazer for office and asks what is Kavya’s sisters’ name. He says Muskaan. She asks to give address. He asks why. She says to take his alliance. He

happily hugs her. She says she has to do this for her brother’s happiness.

Muskan in the morning gets ready wearing short dress and tries to leave home hiding from Kavya and Kuhu. Alarm rings and they both wake up and ask where is she going wearing short dress. She says to meet her friend. Kavya says daadi wakes up at 8 and after getting ready leaves for college at 8:30 a.m. Kuhu asks to suggest how to get out. Kuhu angrily taunts to go via window as usual. Muskan happily thanks her and leaves.

Muskan goes out and sees Sambhav waiting for her in car. She scolds him not to call her at this time as it is very risky for her. He gets her into car and drives.

Bhairavi travels towards Kavya’s house and crosses by Sambhav’s car but does not notice him. She reaches Kavya’s home yelling she has to come into slum ara for her brother. She knocks door. Kavya sees her and gets tensed and asks how come she is here. She says she came to meet her daadi. Kavya nervously goes in and informs Daadi. Daadi makes her sit and asks reason for coming. Bhairavi says she came with her brother’s alliance for her granddaughter.

Kavya gets happy thinking alliance is for her. Kuhu congratulates her. Kavya discusses how Samarth’s behavior changed since some days.

Sambhav takes Kuhu to a palace hotel and she gets mesmerized seeing arrangements and thinks she got a jackpot.

Badi maa tells Bhairavi that she is very poor and this house is rented one. Bhairavi thinks if not for her brother, she would not have come here. She asks where is her brother’s choice Muskan. Kavya stands sadly.

Precap: Muskan tells Badi maa that she will marry someone of her age and not middle aged man. Kuhu informs Samarth that her sister said no. His behavior changes and he shouts at her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. now maybe sambhav will use her n then smrth will fall for kavya n thn muskaan will think to rekindle with samrath to live levish life.

  2. Y is it given day sambhav takes kuhu?

  3. I think smaarth might choose kavya and wen muskan realises that shambhv is using her then she will do anything to get smaarth for living the life in a luxury. Poor kavya will b in the middle she is like divya her mum.

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