Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya gets Muskan’s call who pleads he to save her. Kavya asks where is she. She says she is in Shanti nagar area. Kavya calls Kuhu and informs her that Muskan is in trouble and they need to find her. Kuhu informs daadi. Bhairavi tells Samarth that Kavya will know his past soon and secret behind pictures. He says past will come in front one or other day, let it come out soon.

Kavya goes to shanti nagar to search Muskan. Kuhu and Daadi join her. Inspector also comes with his team and asks them to stay there while he searches area. Kayva says they should also search area and they start searching. Kavya sees children playing with Muskan’s dolls and asks where did they find them. They tell address. They start searching Muskan shouting her name and reach a secluded building. Kavya calls Muskan and she gurgles. Kavya opens door and is shocked to see Muskan tied to a ceiling fan. They all 3 rush and save Muskan on time. Muskan apologizes Daadi for troubling her. Kavya says her life is important to them and asks to forget everything and asks who kidnapped her. She says she does not remember anything. Inspector comes and says she has come to come to police station and give statement who kidnapped her. She says she will come back after meeting Samarth and leaves with her family.

Kavya reaches Samarth’s home with her family. Mansa tells Bhairavi that trouble came back. Bhairavi comes and asks why did she come back. Muskan comes in front and says she wants to meet Samarth. Bhairavi says he does not want to meet her. Muskan shouts Samarth.. Samarth comes down and she hugs him. He asks her to get out of his house and asks how dare she is to have an affair with his nephew. She acts as falling unconscious. Family rush her to a room. Doc checks her and says she felt unconscious due to stress and has to rest for some days. Kavya and Daadi asks Muskan to take care of her and not overstrain. Once they all leave, Muskan calls somone and says she is working according to their plan and soon Samarth will fall back for her.

Precap: Muskan wears Samarth’s ex-wife’s sari and asks if he liked it. He strangulates her with sari pallu and shouts how dare she is to wear this sari and disrobes sari from her body.

Update Credit to: MA

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