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Bhagya Lakshmi 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minty takes Ansh to a producer’s office, tears her clothes and starts shouting for help. Police reaches on the spot and she alleges Ansh for trying to rape her. Ansh says he did not do anything and in fact she brought him here. He says he is Anshuman prajapati and he can come and enquire his family. Inspector agrees.

Agram and Inder are busy in an investor meeting at home when inspector enters and tells he has arrested Anshuman on attempt to rape case. Constable brings Ansh handcuffed. Agram says his son cannot do anything. Minty comes with lady constable and says Pavitra her brother tried to rape her. Ansh says she is lying. Agram asks Inder to cancel investor meeting. Investor says police came 2nd time to their home, so he wll have to rethink about investing in their company.

Bhoomi asks investor to see all the police proceedings and then go. Agram asks what is she talking. Bhoomi says let them see that Ansh is innocent.

Inspector says he called building owner. Building owner enters and asks why has he arrested Ansh. Inspector says he has to take Ansh to police station now. Bhoomi stops him and says building owner must have installed CCTV camera in his office. Owner says yes. Minty asks inspector to trust her. Inspector says even Ansh has right to defend himself. Owner says he will bring footage and comes back with 48 hours recording. Inder plays recording and sees blank recording. Inspector says he has to arrest now. Latha says he cannot take her son.

Bhoomi thanks inspector and says as Ansh’s wife, she needs to question Minty. Minty says she can and she should not forget even she is an woman. Bhoomi asks if Ansh forcefully took there. She says he told her that he has some work in this building and took her there. Bhoomi walks out. Pavitra tells Minty she won. Bhoomi comes back with car’s audio recording and plays it. She tells she had doubt on Minty since morning, so she had prepared well. Pavitra changes her tone, slaps minty and asks how dare she is to try to trap her brother, murmurs in her ears if she keeps quiet, she will give her a lot of money, and asks inspector to arrest her. Inspector arrests minty and takes her along. Bhoomi asks investors if they believe her family now. They say yes and say they will have meeting some other day. Bhoomi stops Pavitra and asks her to mend her ways and says where pavitra’s thinking ends, her thinking starts.

Ansh thanks Bhoomi and asks if she trusts him so much. She says yes and says she will her whole life. He says he will celebrate someone’s birthday lavishly after 5 days. Bhoomi asks if she remembers his birthday. He says yes. she happily hugs him. Pavitra sees that and thinks she will torture Bhoomi these 5 days and will make her realize how it is to confront her.

Inder and Agram tell they should not disturb bhabhi maa as she is ill. Vasundhara under Kaveri’s tablet effect gets audio and video hallucinations.

Precap: Vasundhara comes out her room panicked and says she does not want to go back. Bhoomi calms her down and takes her along.

Update Credit to: MA

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