Bhagya Lakshmi 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasundhara gets Saurabh’s call who says Maan is with him and looks very distressed. Vasundhara tells her family that Maan is found.

Varun comes to Bhoomi’s room and asks why is she sitting alone. She starts crying vigorously hugging him and tells she loves Ansh a lot and does not know how to leave without him. He consoles her.

Vasundhara tries Saurabh’s number, but it is out of reach. She thinks he should have come here by now or at least called her. Inspector comes and tells he found a deadbody on highway with Maan’s ID and wallen in his pocket. Everyone get shocked hearing it and Latha in distress tells her son cannot die and leave her alone. Inspector asks Agram to come with him to identify the body. Latha says it cannot be her son and tells Agram

that her son is alive. She asks Suman to tell nothing happened to Maan, but Suman starts crying. Everyone start consoling her while Vasundhara stands still in a shock. Latha asks her to tell Maan is fine, but she stands silently and asks inspector where she has to go. Latha says even she will come with her and show that her Maan is alive. Vasundhara asks her to stay at home and asks Agram to take care of Latha. Latha insists and Vasundhara agrees to take her along.

Suman informs Surbhi that Maan met with an accident. Surbhi asks when did this happen. Suman says she does not know, but Vasundhara and family went to identify body. She says that is why she told not to make relationship with Shukla family and before marriage itself, this accident happened. Surbhi says how is this accident related to Shukla family. Suman says when 2 families strike, some mishap happens.

Vasundhara reaches morgue with inspector and with wobbling gait slowly walks towards dead body reminiscing Maan’s words. She prays god that it should not be Maan. She with trembling hands removes bedsheet and relaxes that it is not her Maan. Latha gets happy and says she told her son is alive and prays god to protect her son and send her back soon. Vasundhara tells inspector that dead body is not her nephew. Inspector says soon he will find out Maan.

Suman tells Vasundhara that all this mishap is happening because of their alliance with Shukla family, so they should break it before a big accident happens.

Bhoomi hears a knock on her window at midnight and opens door. She does not find anyone and turns back, but a man blindfolds her and shuts her mouth. He takes her to hall and opens blindfold. Bhoomi gets happy seeing her family around and asks what is all this. Daada says it is her birthday surprise and asks her to cut cake soon. Avni says cake is looking very tasty. Bhoomi cuts cake and bites it to each family member, getting sad while feeding it to Varun. Dhara blesses her to be happy and keep everyone happy. She then feeds cake to Rajender and Janaki.

Bijender gives her childhood doll and says he wants her to remember him looking at it. Bhoomi emotionally hugs hi. Rajender says now he wants to hug her. Bijender says Bhoomi is his daughter more than him.

Suman picks Rahul’s call and says Surbhi is in washroom and will inform her once she comes out. She hopes Bhoomi breaks her marriage with Varun. Surbhi comes out after bath. Suman shouts looking at her. Surbhi looks at mirror and shouts seeing rashes all over her face.

Suman prays god to give Ansh his desired life partner and make him forget her so that she can marry her parent’s selected boy.

Precap: Surbi tells Varun that she cannot marry soon as her faces got rashes and even Maan is missing. Vasundhara tells her family before Shukla family comes, she has to inform them about Maan missing.

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