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Bhagya Lakshmi 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhairavi’s servant gives bag with chains to Kavya and asks her to give it during prooja. Kavya keeps bag in he purse and gets busy with work. After pooja, Bhairavi asks Kavya to give her chains and hands over chains to each guest lady. Last chain misses. Servant smirks from behind. Bhairavi asks Kavya to give chain and Kavya says it is not inside bag. Servant says she must have stolen it and whisks her in front of all guests. She then shouts that she must have hidden chain in her bag.

Muskan dreams about Sambhav pressing her legs and obeying her order. Kuhu shakes her legs and she in dream asks to be gentle. Badi maa angrily enters and shouts to wake up. Muskan gets up worriedly and is shocked to see badi maa holding her gown and asks how did she get it. Muskan says she got advance from her client and bought it. Badi maa says she is her daadi and knows people will not give money before completing order.

Bhairavi says servant to check Kavya’s bags. Samarth interferes and says she should finish pooja first. Bhairavi insists. Samarth gives his chain and asks to give it to guest. Bhairavi continues insisting. Samarth says Kavya is his secretary and she cannot insult her in front of all guests. Bhairavi and her servant fume in jealousy.

Badi asks Muskan to promise she will never tarnish her dignity and cross limits. Muskan promises, but once badi maa leaves, she tells Kuhu to fulfill her dreams, she will break badi maa’s promise.

Kavya leaves for home. Samarth while working on laptop tells her something fell from her bag. She bends and is shocked to see gold chain. Samarth also sees that and walks towards her. Kavya pleads that she does not know how chain came in her purse. He asks her to close eyes, hides chain and asks which chain.

Bhairavi’s servant tells her she would have proved Kavya as thief, but Samarth spoilt her plan. Bhairavi says she will confront Samarth, goes to his room and asks how can he protect a thief and orders to dismiss her right now.

Precap: Samarth tells Bhairavi that he loves Kavya’s sister and wants to marry her. Bhairavi says he cannot do that.

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  1. Wah kya baat hai…to get muskaan he’s using kavya…i want to see kavya nd samarth gettin married

  2. Gosh it seems everyone falling in love with muskan. I think kavya will fall I in llove with samarth but samarth loves muskan poor kavya in the middle, plz writer I want to see samarth and kaya together.

  3. I think kavya will fall for samarth but samarth loves muskaan and muskaan likes sambhav so its going to b a quadrilateral love story.

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