Bhagya Lakshmi 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya in her room sadly looks at divorce papers. Muskan enters and insists her to sign divorce papers and shouts that she knows she is eyeing on Samarth. Kavya says she is here for her and will go back for her and signs divorce papers. Muskan goes to Samarth’s room and asks him to sign on his and Kavya’s divorce papers. He say says he will return papers in some time and asks her to go out. Muskan walks out and talks to someone over phone and says she will come right now. Kavya hears that and thinks what Muskan is up to. Muskan goes and tries to get in car. Mansa stops her and says it is her owner’s car and she cannot take it. Muskan yells that she is owner of this house and Mansa is a mere servant and she should be in her limits. She leaves in car leaving Mansa fuming in anger.

Samarth looks at divorce papers. Bhairavi knocks door. He thinks servant came and says he does not need anything. Bhairavi enters and he apologizes and says he wants to stay with Kavya as he feels she completes him and does not want to stay with Muskan. She says he wanted to stay with Muskan and now he is trying to force his decision on Kavya. He says Kavya fought for him. She says Kavya will feel guilty as she knows what he menas in Muskan’s life. He signs divorce papers and she pampers him.

Muskan drives car to Samarth’s farm house and and walks in. Kavya gets out of dickie and sees Samarth’s farm house. She gets in and in a room sees Muskan asking a man if he thinks he will do his job. A man turns and says he will do what he did 3 years ago. Kavya is shocked to see Shrainik. Shrainik says he is working hard since 3 years. Muskan reminisces how he kidnapped her and told that he wants to punish Samarth for taking away all their wealth. He strangulates her and she says not to kill as she also wants Samarth’s wealth and not him. She comes out of flashback and asks why did he let Kavya come closer to Samarth. He says he tried, but could not stop them coming closer. Kavya is shocked to hear their confessions.

Precap: Shrainik tells Muskan once Samarth drinks his favorite drink, he will die. Kavya drops vase hearing this and runs out. Shrainik and Muskan hear sound and run behind Kavya.

Update Credit to: MA

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