Bhagya Lakshmi 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samarth speaks to wedding planner over phone and says he needs marriage hall, cuisine, everything best on his marriage. Bhairavi enters. He disconnects call and asks what he should do with grey and black suits as Muskan wants him to wear bright colored suits. She asks if he is happy with this marriage. He says yes of course. She tries to speak, but he brushes off and asks what to do with these suits. Servant comes in and takes Bhairavi out and says Samarth is blind folded in love and will not understand their words, so she needs to do something else to make him realize that Muskan is a wrong girl.

Samarth takes Muskan to a crowded restaurant. Manager and owner greet him in. Muskan reminisces Sambhav booking whole restaurant for her and thinks even with some other’s money

sambav booked whole restaurant, but samarth is so boring. She lies him that she liked his style and popularity.

Mansa brings lots of jewelry and dresses to Kavya’s house and tells Daadi and Kavya that her hukum/Bhairavi sent it as per Muskan’s wish. Daadi and Kavya says they cannot accept so much shagun. Mansa says they can keep it as gift and Bhairavi will get angry if they return it.

Kavya starts showing concern for daadi in front of Samarth. Samarth gives his credit card and asks her and daadi to use it for marriage shopping. Her eyes widen in surprise and she starts praising Samarth.

Bhairavi in dream reminisces Samarth love for Muskan and Muskan’s arrogant behavior and thinks she will not let Muskan rule over her and ruin her lavish life.

Muskan comes home. Kavya says Bhairavi sent her many gifts. Muskan gets happy and says she even got Samarth’s credit card for marriage shopping. Kavya asks her to return credit card. Muskan yells and shouts at her that she cannot see her happiness. Daadi hears their conversation.

Bhairavi prepares guest list and asks Sambhav to invite them all and include missing ones. Sambhav says he is busy. She says mama is happy and he should also be happy. Mansa enters and says if chote kunwar handles guests, she can do other work. Sambhav thinks Muskan is only his and he will not let her marry Samarth.

Muskan brings gifts for whole family. Kavya says why did she bring so many gifts. Muskan yells at her again.

Bhairavi gets her elder son Shrainik’s call that he is coming. She gets happy and informs Mansa to decorate Shrainik’s room as per his wish. Mansa also gets happy and says if he comes, he will get Sambhav on track.

Kavya and Kuhu calculate marriage budget by cutting postponing monthly electricity and grocery bills and even then they fall short. They both get tensed. Samarth calls Kavya and Kavya says he may have got some important work.

Precap: Kavya and Kuhu dance in Muskan’s sangeet ceremony.

Update Credit to: MA

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