Bhagya Lakshmi 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 18th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Muskan enters her room and is shocked to see Sambhav inside. He says if she shouts, she will be in trouble instead. She pushes him and he falls on bed. She asks why did he come here. He says he got mesmerized with her beauty and brought her diamond pendant. She wide opens her mouth in surprise but acts and says he cannot lure her with gifts. He says he just needs her friendship and asks for lunch date tonight. She agrees. He leaves. She jumps in happiness.

Samarth reaches home and smiles. Bhairavi thinks why is he not angry. Kavya walks in speaking over phone, clashes with servant, and hits her head on flower tray and writhes in pain. Samarth gets concerned and asks if she is fine. She says yes and leaves. Bhairavi thinks he wanted to suspend her, but now is concerned

for her, something is wrong. She asks Samarth if he is fine now. He says yes, he was upset before leaving home, but is fine now. Once he leaves, she asks driver what happened to Samarth. Driver says he was fuming before going to Kavya’s house and once he came out, he was calm like nothing happened. Bhairavi thinks what must have happened at Kavya’s house.

Muskan gets ready for lunch date with Sambhav and repatedly looks at his gifted diamond pendant and chain. Kuhu enters and asks where is she going. Muskan starts chitchatting with her. Badi maa enters and asks where is she going. Muskan says shopping. Badi maa says she is going her Pavitra bua’s way and warns her not to cross her limits. Muskan says she heard Pavitra bua’s story and she will not cross limits, but wants to enjoy life a bit. Badi maa smiles.

An old lady enters home and all servants greet her. Bhairavi asks Samarth when he let home, he wanted to suspend arrogant girl Kavya, but now his behavior changed towards her. He says there is nothing wrong in his behavior and says he knows she does not like Kavya and her sisters. She says no. Samarth says he will not do anything that will take away smile from her face. Old lady watches everything and thinks what are malik and malkin talking.

Old lady leans in front of Bhairavi’s feet and greets her. Bhairavi calls her Marja. Marja says she could not stay away from her and asks why is she looking tense. Bhairavi looks at Kavya and says nothing. Marja says she is servant since she was not married and even went to her in-laws house after marriage and took care of her 2 children, she can tell her problems.

Precap: Servant Marja says Bhairavi she will reverse Kavya’s black magic made on Samarth. Bhairavi asks Kavya to give back chain. Kavya says she does not have.

Update Credit to: MA

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