Bhagya Lakshmi 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya walks towards Muskan’s room and finds a bright object near plant pot. Bhairavi comes with Mansa and asks what is she doing here. Kavya pics her earring and says she was searching this. Bhairavi says it is not that precious that she came here. She then taunts that because of her, her banna/Samarth is suffering and she ruined whole family’s peace, but with whatever reason she came here, she will fail it as this house is hers and she will not let anyone break it. Kavya sadly goes and sits in her room. She feels hungry and thinks this house is even hers and she should go and eat. She goes to dinining hall. Bhairavi after finishing dinner asks Mansa to throw food, but seeing Kavya asks her to give to her. Kavya eats food with teary eyes.

Kavya calls Kuhu who asks

how is she. Kavya says she is fine. Kuhu says daadi is worried about her and asked many times. Kavya says she does not know whether to get happy hearing daadi’s concern for her or should be sad seeing the events in her lie. She hears a sound outside and disconnects call telling Kuhu that she will call her later.

Kavya goes out and sees Samarth heavily inebriated and looking at a pic in his wallet murmuring why did she leave him. He then falls down on bed dropping alcohol glass and wallet. Kavya corrects him on bed and then picks alcohol glass from floor. She thinks she has to find out what is happening. She picks wallet and is about to see pic when Samarth snatches wallet and shouts what is she doing here. She tries to speak, but he shouts that she ruined her life and shouts to get out. She walks out of room sobbing and thinks everything will be alright.

Kavya thinks she has to find out what is the dark room that Bhairavi does not want her to go there. She goes near room and sees it locked. She breaks lock and enters in to see a shadow outside window. She drops alcohol bottle on table by mistake and gets tensed, then thinks catmust have entered room. She closes window and sees alcohol bottle on floor. She sees furrniture covered with clothes and thinks why everything is covered, what is the secret behind this room. She then finds photo frame is about to remove cloth from it when Samarth comes and holds her hand.

Precap: Samarth shouts at Kavya to get out of his house. Bhairavi asks what happened. He shouts she entered his locked room. A masked man attacks Kavya and slits her hand.

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