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Bhagya Lakshmi 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasundhara hears door knock and goes out of home to check. She sees shawl draped man running behind car and asks to stop. Bhoomi comes down to kitchen to take water and sees door open. She thinks Vasundhara must have gone out and goes to check. Vasundhara asks man to stop, he does and just before he tries to remove his shawl, Bhoomi calls her and she turns. Man escapes. Vasundhara shouts that she was about to catch shawl draped man, but she stopped her. Bhoomi asks if she is sure or it is her imagination. Vasundhara shouts that she does not lie and walks inside home.

Vasundhara runs to her room, locks door, and checks newspaper and pics in a box and thinks her 25-year-old problem is haunting her now. She thinks it must be Pavitra and Kaveri’s drama and walks into Kaveri’s

room and finds them both there. Kaveri asks why is she here. Vasundhara asks how dare they are to frighten her wearing shawl and following her and says they both are dependent on them and if they continue their dirty tricks, she will kick them out. Kaveri asks her to mind her tongue and says she does everything openly. Vasundhara asks what about shawl draped man. Kaveri says she did not send anyone. Vasundhara walks out and sees Bhoomi standing outside. Bhoomi thinks who is this masked man who is troubling badi maa.

Kaveri brainwashes Pavitra that Vasundhara ruled over her and shouted everyday 25 years ago and even now she is ruling everyone, but she will break her rule soon. She asks Pavitra to wait and see her plan now.

In the morning, Vasundhara calls pandit home for pooja. Kaveri acting as mad enters and thanks pandit for coming home and asks Latha why did pandit come. Latha says Vasundhaa has kept pooja. She asks if jailer/vasundhara is a big diety. Latha nods yes. She sits in pooja. Pandit asks to show tulsi plant as he has to pour ganga jal on it. Latha takes him out. Kaveri silently changes milk can brought by pandit and signals Pavitra.

Suman is busy preparing prasad. Pavitra enters and asks why is she preparing prasad, if jagatmata/vasundhara is troubling her a lot. Suman asks her to get out. Pavitr asks her to let her stay and see her cooking.

Latha sees oil missing from lamp and gets surprised. Kaveri asks her to get oil from kitchen. Latha walks into ktichen and picks oil. Suman asks why is she taking oil as she has to prepare prasad. Latha says there is no oil in temple, so she is taking it to light lamp. Suman yells that she will prepare prasad with water now. Pavitra silently walks out of kitchen. Kaveri asks pandit to say meaning of shlok and asks latha to sit with her. She apologizes pandit for wasting his time and leaves towards kitchen silently.

Pavitra silently picks lamp and drops oil in front of kitchen door. She enters kitchen and provokes Suman against Latha that she used oil for lamp and did not let her cook. Suman says she will get oil can, walks out and slips on oil. Pavitra smirks, while bhoomi passing by is shocked to see suman falling.

Precap: Pavitra tries to brain wash Suman against family. Bhoomi hears that and gets angry on her.

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