Bhagya Lakshmi 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasundhara gets Shanti’s call who asks how as haldi ritual. Vasundhara says it went well. Shanti asks when did Maan come home. Vasundhara says in the evening. Shanti invites her with family, especially Maan for sangeet ceremony. Vasundhara agrees and cuts call saying she is busy now. She asks Inder to get Maan back at any cost. Shanti tells her family that Vasundhara is coming with Maan tomorrow and asks everyone to go and rest. Rajender tells Bhoomi that he could not give her letter to Maan as Suman dropped it in haldi bowl. Bhoomi asks which letter. Varun hears that and diverts Rajender’s attenion by asking if he brought his sherwani. Rajender says he had to bring it. Varun says he forgot. Once Rajender leaves, Bhoomi asks what letter tauji was talking about. Varun says

he sent a letter to Maan that she cannot marry. She asks why did he do that. He says he cannot see her suffering. She says her family is important to her and she cannot ruin their happiness. He asks then why did she go to meet Ansh. She says she went and told him not to interfere in her life again and asks Varun to let the things go as they are.

Vasundhara calls Inder and asks if he found Maan. He says he searched everywhere, but did not find him. Maan is seen inebriated on road with alcohol bottle reminiscing Bhoomi’s words and shouting. Bhoomi on her bed cries remembering Ansh/Maan. Maan gets into car and starts his car. Inder and Agram reach home back sadly. Vasundhara says he did not come whole night, so they should inform police. Latha starts crying. Vasundhara asks her to stop crying. She asks Suman to tell all guests that there is no sangeet tomorrow. Suman says all arrangements have been made and caterers and decorators have already been booked. Vasundhara says without Maan, she will not perform sangeet and asks to give money to everyone and send them.

Surbhi happily selects her sangeet dress. Suman comes and says her sangeet will not happen as Vasundhara does not want it happen without Maan. Surbhi says it is also her sangeet and how can badi maa do it. Suman continues her yelling. Surbhi says tough badi maa does not want, her sangeet will happen for sure.

Murli sees arrangements and praises his son for arranging everything so well. Shanti asks Bhoomi to have food. Varun feeds her. Shanti asks her to have it from brother as he will not be present with her from tomorrow.

Surbhi tries to leave house with Suman trying to stop her. Vasundhara sees them and ask where are they going. Suman says Surbhi is going to Ujjain for sangeet celebration. Vasundhara asks her to get in and says without maan nobody will go there. Suman yells that bhabhi maa will not send them anywhere without maan. Surbhi gets a call and thinks Varun has called, but it is Rahul instead. She says her sangeet is not happening and she is sad. He says he will get her sangeet and will convince badi maa. She gets happy. Suman says Rahul can do anything for her, but not Varun. He says even Varun would so the same.

Bhoomi’s sangeet ceremony starts. Shanti’s friend praises her for getting all her 3 grandchildren married in 3 months. Shanti says it is fate and says especially bhoomi’s fate is written with silver pen. Maan on the other side wakes up in park and thinks he cannot go home after making such a big mistake.

Precap: Inspector informs Vasundhara that he found Maan’s ID card and wallet in dead body’s pocket.

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