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Bhoomi happily adds 5 fists of rice in kalash. She sees Varun’s 3 missed calls and calls him. He picks call and says he is tensed and will call her later. She thinks why is he tensed. Varun asks Surbhi to open door. She continues that she will not. She hanger over sari and tries to pick apple from dining table’s fruit basket, but stops seeing daadaji there. Daadaji sees apple on floor and keeps it back. Surbhi continues that she will not open door, but feels hungry as it is already 2 hours.

Bhoomi calls Daadi and asks why bhai/Varun is tensed. Daadi says she is insisting to open boutique at home lawn. Bhoomi says let her open it as she will use lawn during day time only and can use internet for business, just like she got catering job on internet. She asks when she can

help her in her catering business. Daadi agrees. Latha hears Bhoomi’s call and asks what was she talking about. Bhoomi says she was talking about internet business. Latha asks if they can open any business on net. Bhoomi says yes. Latha gives her juice and asks her to finish it completely.

Daadi tells Surbhi that she will think about her business if she opens door. Surbhi asks if she is telling truth. Daadi says yes and says her favorite food is served on table already. Surbhi opens door hurriedly and hugs daadi happily.

Ansh sees lamp in his room and asks Bhoomi why she has kept it here. She says it is for his prosperity and they should not let it blow off at any cost. She says Latha is calling them downstairs and asks him to close door slowly and come out to stop lamp from blowing off.

Surbhi hogs food like an animal. Whole family surprising look at her appetite. Daada asks why is she not taking anything. Surbhi says she is full and says she did not have lunch, so she ate too much. Daadi asks her to brief about her cloth shop. Surbhi says it is boutique and she and Varun have decided its name as Sarvagun and she will keep all fashionable dresses and will make whole Ujjain fashionable. Daadi asks her to show her sample designs tomorrow. Surbhi gets tensed how will she get designs as she does not know designing.

Surbhi wakes up at midnight thinking about designs and calls ugly Suman fhsor help. She tells daadi needs sample designs for boutique. Ugly asks not to worry as she will send designs. She thinks mishra family is torturing her daughter and their daughter bhoomi is enjoying lavish life here.

Varun gets irked due to lamp’s light falling on his face and gets restless. Bhoomi stand in between lamp and him to stop light. He asks her to do whatever she likes with the lamp but to stop standing on his head.

Agram while checking files in his room asks Latha if everyone slept. She says yes and starts arranging her designed bedsheets in cupboard and one of them falls. Agram says he likes her designs a lot. She asks if others also like it. He says they gift it to friends during diwali and they like it. She asks if she can sell it. He warns her not to as bhabhi does not like her family women working. Latha thinks bhabhi is right, but why is she feeling bad about it.

Ansh wakes up seeing window open and gushing air trying to blow off lamp. He tries to wake up Bhoomi and goes to protect lamp. Bhoomi wakes up and gets happy seeing him protecting lamp. He says he cannot hold lamp whole night and asks her to bring cardboard and help him fix it. She gives him cardboard and he fixes it around lamp and then goes back to bed. Bhoomi smiles looking at him.

Bhoomi sees Latha sad in the morning and asks what happened. Latha shows her designed bedsheets. Bhoomi says these will sell like a hot case. Latha says Bhabhi maa does not like women working. Bhoomi asks why so when badi maa herself runs company.

Ansh opens his laptop to check is files, does not find and gets angry thinking Bhoomi must have deleted them.

Precap: Ansh shouts at Bhoomi thinking she deleted his file and says because of her, he will love crores worth business. Suman smirks seeing this.

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