Bhagya Lakshmi 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samarth reaches home. Bhairavi complains him that Kavya’s sister came and insulted her. She continues that Kavya got locked in cabin by mistake and her sisters came to take keys and insulted her. He angrily leaves while she smirks.

Samarth reaches office and angrily calls Kavya. Kavya comes. He shouts how dare her sisters are to insult his sister and reminds her of his favors. He takes her to her home while she pleads to forgive her sisters. Muskaan opens door. His anger vanishes seeing her and asks why is she here. She says this is her house and asks Kavya if he is troubling her and starts scolding him. Kavya says he is her boss. Muskaan continues scolding how dare he is to lock her sister in cabin, he is very arrogant, etc.. Kavya signals her, but she continues.

Kavya takes him in. He falls down over cloth dryer. Kavya helps him while Muskan laughs. He gets mesmerized at her beauty and stares are her.

He asks what she was telling. Muskaan continues scolding her. She asks Kavya to bring pudding and tea. Kavya goes to kitchen and she also follows. Kavya asks why did she misbehave with her boss. Muskan says he will not mind it.

They both serve tea and pudding. Samarth asks what next. Muskan asks her to tell her sister to behave. He says she is his sister. He gets SMS from Bhairavi and leaves with Kavya.

Sambhav takes Muskan’s number from mobile shopkeeper and feeds her name as dhokebaaz. He reaches place and asks address to a man. He says it is mad house with 3 sister and 1 granny. He then reaches outside house and sees Badi maa and Kuhu coming on bike and entering home.

Badi maa tells Muskan that she saw Kavya in a car with a man. Muskan says she had come with her boss. Kuhu asks if he was fuming. Muskan says he was frowning but went after having pudding and tea. Kuhu asks why did she give her pudding. Muskan runs to her room and thinks she is too good.

While driving car, Samarth asks Kavya who else are there in her house. She says her sisters Muskan and Kuhu and granny. He aks who is elder among sisters. She says Muskan. He smiles.

Muskan is shocked to see Sambhav in her room and shouts. He shuts her mouth and they both fall down. He removes hair from her face and starts staring at her.

Precap: An old lady enters Samarth’s house and all servants greet her as badi malkin. Kavya while rushing clashes with her.

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