Bhagya Lakshmi 14th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya locked in boss’s cabin complains god that he made her life a rollercoaster ride and she is struggling since childhood. She gets short of breath with astma attack and shouts for help, but peon busy hearing music with ear phones on does not listen to her.

Kavya then calls Samarth, but he is busy talking to Bhairavi and keeps his phone switched off. Sambhav comes with his friend. Bhairavi scolds him to be like his friend who is studying well and also helping his family in business. Samarth says he will drop Sambhav’s friend and takes him along.

Kuku and Muskan reach Samarth’s house and guard does not let them in. Samarth passes in his car without noticing them. Muskan suggests to jump wall and enter home. Kuku hesitates, but finally agrees and they both enter home.

Muskan gets mesmerized seeing house’s interior. She picks vase and says it must be of around 1.5 lakhs. She drops vase seeing Bhairavi. Bhairavi starts shouting at them and alleges them as thieves. Kuhu warns her dare not to show her arrogancy and says she is Muskan’s sister and Samarth locked her in office cabin, so she came to take cabin keys. Bhairavi says she will call police and get them arrested. Kuhu says she will file case against Samarth for detaining employee forcefully and even call media. Bhairavi says she will not to do that. Kuhu says then she needs keys. Bhairavi goes and brings keys. Kuhu takes it and says she will return it after getting Kavya out of cabin. Muskan says she can buy 100 vases with her money and while walking breaks one more vase. Bhairavi fumes. Sambhav comes down and asks what happened. She says animals entered house.

Badi maa waits eagerly for her granddaughters at home. They all three enter laughing and discussing how Kuhu confronted arrogant Bhairavi. Badi maa asks where were they. Kuhu says Kavya was locked by her boss in cabin, so they went to bring her back. Badi maa shouts why always problems creep on only Kavya.

Precap: Bhairavi complains Samarth that Kavya’s sisters insulted her. Samarth shouts at Kavya and orders to come with him and apologize his sister.

Update Credit to: MA

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