Bhagya Lakshmi 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Latha enters Maan’s room and sees him sitting sadly engrasped in thoughts. She shooks him. He wakes up and asks when did she come. She says she was knocking door since a lot time, but he did not respond and asks what is the issue. He says nothing important. She shows him selected necklace for Bhoomi and asks how is it. He smiles. She asks if he is happy. He says if she is happy, then he is also happy. Latha says everything happens for good and he should not repent elder’s decision.

Bhoomi on terrace reminisces Ansh/Maan proposing her and then she slapping him. Varun comes there and seeing her thinks whatever she thinks, she loves only Ansh and not Maan, so he should take Surbhi’s help/

Surbhhi asks Suman how can badi maa forgo beti for bahu and give her better

necklace. Suman says marriage is in 3 days, how will get rid of Varun. Surbhi says she will marry Varun as he loves her a lot and prays her and she is sure he will keep her happy. Suman asks her not to take wrong decision and says when Varun will give her change pocket money, she will realize her mistake. Surbhi says he is a doctor and will earn well. Just then, Varun calls her and says he wants to talk to her something important about Bhoomi. Just then, bhoomi snatches phone from him and cuts call and asks what was he doing. He says only Surbhi can help them. She says let us do what elders have decided and she cannot ruin family’s happiness, so she has decided to marry Maan. She asks him to promise not to tell about her secret to anyone. He says he will not. Surbhi calls him and he says he wants her to help Maan and Bhoomi meet. Surbhi asks if he thinks she is a cupid. He insists, she agrees. Bhoomi says Ansh was her past and Maan is her future, so he will not do anything. He agrees.

Saurabh messages Maan/Ansh to come on chat. Maan opens laptop and sees Surabh has sent bhoomi and his pics clicked during Saurabh’s marriage. Bhoomi on the other side thinks she has to forget Ansh as Maan is her future. Maan deletes pics and thinks he has to forget Bhoomi and stop giving her importance.

In the morning, Latha wakes up Maan and asks him to come down soon getting ready as they have to got bride’s house with haldi and says after 3 days, his wife will wake him up. Maan thinks he cannot marry Badi maa’s girl and will never give Bhoomi’s place to anyone, so he will speak to Bhoomi and convince her.

Bhabhi maa’s family reach with haldi to Bhoomi’s house. Latha applies haldi on Bhoomi and Suman applies haldi on Varun. Latha welcomes Bhoomi in prajapati family and says she is lucky to have a pretty bahu like her. Husband says she is right and says now they will leave. Daadas says Janaki, Dhara, and Rajender will come with haldi for Surbhi and Maan in some time. Family then applies haldi on Bhoomi and Varun. Shanti asks janaki and Dhara to prepare shagun haldi as they have to reach Bhopal early. Varun says he is tired and will go and rest. Daadi says he can and asks bhoomi to sit while relatives apply haldi on her. Dhara and Janaki get haldi and Shanti asks them to go with Rajender. Varun says he will drop them till car and takes haldi thali from them.

Varun gives letter to Janaki and asks him to give it to Maan. Rajender asks what is in it. He says bhoomi wanted to give this letter and was shying, so he is giving this letter.

Precap: Latha tells bhabhi maa and family that Maan is missing from his room. Husband says if he does not come back, there is will be a problem as Shuklas may reach here any time. Rajender reaches and asks what problem.

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