Bhagya Lakshmi 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ansh goes to room to call Divya/Bhoomi for their. Their romance from eyes start. Ye moh ke… plays in the background. She slips and he holds her. Their eyes meet again and they both look at each other nervously. She then walks down and he follows her. They both then join family for pooja.

Bhoomi performs pooja with nurse. Yuvraj enters. She gets tensed seeing him. Yuvraj ties her and nurse and starts his usual witty words and drama. He calls Divya repeatedly. Divya disconnects call as she is pooja. She finally picks it and Yuvraj says he has kidnapped real Bhoomi and she should inform Prajapati family that she is Divya and not Bhoomi. Divya gets tensed but says she will not. He frightens her more. She finally agrees and calls Ansh from pooja. Ansh asks what happened. Badi maa asks them to come back for pooja. Divya says she wants to tell them important. Badi says after pooja. Divya nervously shouts she wants to talk right now. Yuvraj over phone shouts to speak.

Bhoomi and nurse free themselves. Yuvraj runs towards her. She throws lamp oil on his way and he slips. She then runs towards door while he tries to hold her but in vain. She runs out. Divya is about to tell family that she is Divya when Bhoomi calls her and says she escaped from Yuvraj’s clutch and she should not inform that she is Divya. Family asks Divya to tell what she wants to. Divya says she will come back soon and runs out. Family gets confused and badi maa asks Ansh where did she go.

Yuvraj escapes from window and starts following Bhoomi. Bhoomi runs with great difficulty and reaches old factory. She slips and falls and says nurse she cannot run more. Nurse helps her and they both run again and hide in a godown. Divya gets into auto and leaves.

Ansh walks towards his car. Pavitra stops him and says his would be wife has gone to meet his old wife. Ansh says what rubbish. She says she is telling truth and if he can he can follow her. Ansh follows her.

Nurse calls Divya and says they are hiding in a godown before temple. Divya says she will come there and is on her way.

Precap: Yuvraj hits Bhoomi with rod and she falls down injured and murmurs Divya.. Divya reaches godown.

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