Bhagya Lakshmi 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 13th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sambhav walks with Muskaan after coffee date and asks her to show her home as it would be easy for him to drop her next time. She nervously says okay. He goes to washroom at a parking lot and she hides behind Samarth’s car door. Samarth opens car door and she falls down. He apologizes and tries pick her up, but falls for her beautiful eyes and lips. Sambhav searches her and leaves in car fuming and thinking she tricked him even today. She says a rich spoilt guy was behind her and she hid behind his car to get rid of him. He thanks her. She says mentioned not and leaves.

Bhairavi interviews girl for Samarth’s marriage. Girl says she will take care of whole house and will not let her work. Bhairavi gets angry and asks servant to take back snacks and tea. Girl’s

father asks what about alliance. She says she will inform him after matching kundalis. Once they leave, pandit says kundalis are matching. She says she does not want anyone who dreams of taking her place in this house. He says according to Samarth’s kundali, he met her would be wife already. She gets tensed.

Kavya works till late hours in office and finishes Samarth’s given files. She angrily keeps files on his table and his photo falls down. She bends down to pick. Peon enters wearing earphone, does not find anyone and leaves locking door. She shouts, but he does not hear her voice due to ear phones.

Samarth at home plays mouth organ reminiscing Muskaan’s beautiful face. Bharavi comes and praises his talent. Kavya calls him, but he disconnects call. Bhairavi asks who is that. He says PA. She asks if she is the same arrogant girl. He says yes.

Sambhav drinks alcohol reminiscing Muskan ditching him twice. He shouts he will catch her once. Friend says he lured many girls but got this tensed for the first time.

Muskan shows her costly phone to Kuhu and says a boy gifted her. Kuhu says she is playing a dangerous game and if badi maa finds it out, she will not spare her.

Kavya gets asthma attack and knocks door repeatedly for help unsuccessfully. She calls Kuhu and informs that her boss locked her in cabin and went home. Kuhu and Muskaan rush towards door. Badi maa asks what happened. Kuhu says to teach Kavya’s boss a lesson as he locked her in cabin and she got asthma attack and does not have pump with her.

Precap: Bhairavi complains Samarth that Kavya’s sisters insulted her. Samarth shouts at Kavya that her sisters dared to insult his sister. Kavya gets tensed.

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