Bhagya Lakshmi 12th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Latha helps Bhoomi pack her prepared clay lamps in boxes. Ugly Suman watches it and thinks she should make Bhoomi fall and break lamps.

Santhi fumes over Surbhi’s idea of opening boutique in lawn and tells her children that she will not let this nonsense in her house.

Ugly Suman drops oil on floor and waits restlessly. Latha arranges lamps in boxes and tells that she has made 1001 lamps. Ansh comes down wearing yellow shirt and Bhoomi smiles seeing him. He sees oil on floor and just when bhoomi slips holding lamp box holds her on time. Ugly is shocked to see Bhoomi being rescued and acts as getting happy. She asks servant to clean floor. Latha asks Maan to go to temple with Bhoomi as he helped her from falling and asks Bhoomi to add 5 fists of rice in kalash/bowl. Ugly fumes

hearing it. Bhoomi along with Ansh adds 5 fists of rice in kalash and thanks god for helping her last night.

Surbhi locks herself into room and demands she will not open it until she is allowed to open boutique in lawn. Varun knocks door and requests her to open door, but she is adamant. She gets Latha’s call and informs her that she is fighting for her right. Shanti says she will not permit.

Bhoomi tells Ansh that he is looking smart in yellow dress. He shies and leaves. She fills oil in lamps which she made it for Ansh and thinks if lamp continues light, she will think Ansh loves her.

Varun knocks door and whole family gathers Behind him. He tells Surbhi that whole family has come, and she asks who. He says Daadi, daada, mamma, papa, chacha, chachi. Shanti says if she agrees to Surbhi’s demand this time, she will continue with her illegal demands in future, so she will not. Surbhi hears that and starts crying. Shanti says if she cries for some time alone, she will feel good. She asks Dhara and Janaki to serve food and asks Rajende and Bijender to get back to their work.

Vasundhara while traveling in her car thinks of calling home and knowing what is happening there. She calls Ugly and her phone is busy. She calls landline and even it is busy. Ugly then picks call and says she was speaking to Surbhi. Vasundhara asks if lamps reached temple. Ugly says yes and says Latha loves Surbhi, so she must have counted lamps wrongly and informs that Maan himself filled kalash with surbhi this time. Vasundhara is surprised.

Surbhi gets ugly suman’s call and informs her that she is hungry. Ugly yells how can they trouble her daughter and make her suffer when Bhoomi is enjoying here. Surbhi says she is acting here to make her condition agreed. Ugly thinks they are not even letting her child free.

Latha sees Bhoomi holding lamp with Ansh’s name and asks what is it. Bhoomi says it is a first sunrise lamp and she will keep it in her room. Latha smiles.

Ansh sees lamp blowing off at night and holds it calling Bhoomi. Bhoomi gets happy seeing that.

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