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Badi maa hurriedly packs her tiffin and tries to leave for school. Kavya gives her money packet. She shouts she does not need her favor. House owner comes for rent. Badi maa says she will pay his rent in 3-4 days. He says he cannot wait. Kavya gives him money and he leaves happily. Badi maa shouts at Kavya that she cannot change her opinion on her with monetary help. She then reminisces Yuvraj’s words that he killed whole prajapati family because of Divya and angrily thinks that she will never forgive Divya and her daughter and will get rid of her by getting her married soon.

Samarth enjoys breakfast with Bhairavi and Sambhav. Bhairavi asks Sambhav to stop roaming around and help Samarth mama in business. Samarth says he wants him to join business by heart and not by

force, he trusts Sambhav a lot. Bhavari and Sambhav tensely look at each other. Samarth asks what happened. Bhairavi says nothing and Sambhav leaves. Bhairavi asks Samarth to settle down in life and marry a girl. He says he is very happy the way he is. She says she has called Singhania’s daughter and he should meet her once. He agrees and leaves. She thinks he has to be his puppet forever and marry the girl she selects.

Kavya reaches home and sees direction towards kitchen. She enters kitchen and sees Kuhu waiting for her with icecream. Kuhu starts talking and says soon badi maa will accept her. Kavya sees it is already 10 a.m. and she has to reach office, else her arrogant boss will not spare her.

Kavya reaches office and sees peon cleaning her desk. She asks where are her items. He says boss gave her cabin to someone. She angrily gets into Samarth’s cabin and shouts he cannot dismiss her until she clears his debt and it is in contract. He shows new desk and says it is for her, he wants her to sit with him from hereon. He shouts why is coffee cold. She stammers. He says she should all files today and he will penalize each incomplete file with 1000 rs.

Muskan goes to mobile shop to buy a new mobile. Sambhav comes to buy headphone. She gets tensed and hides her face. He sees her and asks to come in front. She starts shouting at him. He says he says he likes her and wants to befriend her. She says it is not that easy. He invites her for a coffee date and she agrees hesitantly.

Samrat asks Kavya to bring finished files. She gives 2 files. He scolds her and reminds about 1000 rs penality each file.

Precap: Muskan hides besides Samarth’s car door. He opens door and she falls down. He apologizes and picks her and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. arey yaar who is paired with whom?kavya with samarth or muskan with samarth?as indicated in the precap.pls help ,so confusing.pls

  2. I thought muskaan and Sambhav are partners and Kavya and samarth. can you please tell who is with who??

  3. This serial is so confusing . I think smarth will fall for muskan and so will sambharv. Kavya will fall for smarth

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