Bhagya Lakshmi 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samarth tells Kavya that he will divorce her. Kavya is shattered and walks with Vasundhara and Kuhu. Samarth stops her and asks her to stay tonight as it is midnight. Kavya says he insulted their marriage and she does not want to insult it anymore. Shrainik requests to stay tonight as Vasundhara dadi’s health. Bhairavi says she does not know what to tell now, she will need some time to think and they should stay tonight here. Daadi agrees and signals Kavya. Shraink takes them to room.

Samarth walks towards his room with Muskan. Bhairavi stops him and says as per their rituals, bride and groom cannot stay together before their family god’s pooja. Samarth says he does not believe in all this. She says he should do it for his sake and asks Mansa to take Muskan to the

room from which she eloped. Mansa takes Muskan with her.

Mansa sees Bhairavi tensed and asks her to relax. Bhairavi says she wanted to get rid of Muskan, but she came back. Don’t know what magic she did on bannaji/Samarth that he does not want to separate from her even for a second.

Kavya reminisces Samarth apply sindhoor on her forehead during marriage and wipes it repeatedly. Badi maa and Kuhu see that and console her.

Samarth tells Muskan that he is worried about Kavya. She says he does not have to as Kavya will understand it later and will thank her for saving her life on time, what will she do in this loveless marriage. He asks if she remembers kidnappers. She says no. He asks what they told about his past. She says she forgot. He says he will check he call log as kidnapper called her. She gets tensed. Shrainik shouts just then to come down. Everyone gather downstairs. Shrainik says he got a call from city hospital that Sambhav got severe head injury and is admitted. Bhairavi asks why did he got when there was marriage at home. Muskan reminisces Samarth showing her fake property papers and luring her for marriage. She slaps Samarth and shouts at him and says she did a big mistake and he is a big loser. He tries to hold her. She hits him with wooden plank and runs. She thinks if Sambhav informs family what happened, she will be caught. Samarth with Shrainik and Bhairavi leaves for hospital. Vasundhara cries only bad news is heard from all sides and prays god for Sambhav’s speedy recovery.

Masked man enters Kavya’s room and steals something. He then goes to Muskan’s room. Samarth comes to Kavya’s room in the morning and slaps her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hey what the helll what’s AKH’s story doing in bhagyalakshmi???

    1. O sorry my mob got hanged

      1. See recently i strtd wtchng ds shw jus 4 samarth kavya n wht d hell ya ds shw z endng 2day i sw news update n evn promo of new shw of amrita rao at 8pm frm 7th march it mns 4th march our fav shw saubhagyalakshmi z endng i wnt 2 cry nw

  2. But this is not bhagyalakshmi telly update

  3. OK but at that time it was something different I guess it was the update of adhuri kahani hamari

  4. i really hope kavya never forgets the wrong done to her……………………..samarth is a weirdo………………saach mein crazy hai……………….kuch iski marzi ke khilaf ho jaye pagal ho jata hai……………………..pata nahi business kaise sambhal raha hai…………………………..kissi ki respect nahi karta…………….koi rules follow nahi karta………………………kavya is better away from such a selfish person…………

  5. Samarth is an hard face idiot!! He’s has education for wasted of time!! Kavya should get out of there n leave those evil ppl alone n live her life. Mr: Director, if u think u gonna turn this serial into some kind of bullshit… Then ppl will stop watching ur show. N I think tomm gonna be the last am gonna watch this show if there no changes. We want kavya to get justice. We don’t like what’s happening to her. Send some other hero for kavya. And let samarth n munskan punish for there deeds.

  6. I think that Kavya deserve a better person than that idiot Samarth who doesn’t even think twice for doing or saying something. Always thinking of himself and please writer separate both kavya and Samarth from each other because kavya Don’t deserve this injustice and bring a new hero for kavya, who love her unconditionally and make her feel like a princess because she deserves this. Please don’t make this serial a bulls hit guys.

  7. I think Muskan going to turn the table on Kavya becos Samarth feel guilty and everyone support Kavya. She is going to make Kavya was behind her kidnapping so that she could marry Samarth. By doing so, dadi, samarth everyone will support muskhan, as always Kavya will be misunderstood and ill treated.

  8. I personally don’t like muskan and I think this dadi she is worse always putting kavya down and muskan up wen she is the one who is blo*dy gold digger for money and easy life. And poor kavya she is always in the wrong even though she is rightyg

    1. our fav show is ending stupid writers n worst channel they are not giving it a last chance even

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