Bhagya Lakshmi 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhagya Lakshmi 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yuvraj runs kidnapping Muskan. Varun follows him, but he escapes in auto. Surbhi picks Varun and Varun says something is wrong, whose kid was Yuvraj carrying.

Geeta informs Divya that Yuvraj kidnapped Muskan. Divya panics and runs out of house. Ansh stops her and asks where is she going so tensely. She says she will inform him later. He says when they both promised not to hide anything, then why is she hiding her tension. She says again that she will come and inform and runs from there. She clashes with Varun’s car. Varun gets out of car with Surbhi and asks where is she running. Divya stands silently. He asks if she is tensed regarding Yuvraj. Surbhi asks if she and Yuvraj have a baby as she saw Yuvraj running with a baby. Divya asks where did he go. She says MG road. Divya says she will tell them later, gets into auto and leaves.

Ansh informs Badi maa what happened. Varun and surbhi also come in. Ansh tells Pavitra is being forced into false murder case by Angad and they should help her. Varun says they should. They both reach police station to meet Pavitra, but constable says inspector transferred Pavitra to some other location and starts misbehaving with them. Varun walks at a distance and loudly tells Ansh that their detective found some evidence of murder spot and against Angad, tonight he will give them all the evidences. Constable carefully listens to them.

Divya searches Yuvraj everywhere. She calls him repeatedly, but his phone is not reachable. He then calls her and says Muskan is safely with him in her home itself. She runs home and hears Muskan crying. She searches whole house but to no avail.

Constable calls inspector and informs him that Pavitra’s brother has hired detective and got evidence against Angad. Angad should go to murder spot and wipe all evidences. Ansh and Varun hear that and discuss that they should reach murder spot and wait for Angad.

Yuvraj calls Divya and says he has kept a gift for her and she should come andmeet him at his home after seeing gift. Divya opens box and is shocked to see Muskan’s hair.

Precap: Divya picks Muskan and happily says she will stay with her dad and grandma from hereon. Yuvraj stops her and says she cannot go now.

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