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Bhagya Lakshmi 11th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ansh sees Bhoomi tensed and asks her reason. She says she Latha and Suman are not in talking terms and she wants them to normalize. Ansh says they both love chat, Latha likes Suman’s prepared aloo papdi chat and Suman likes Latha’s dahi papdi chat. Bhoomi prepares chat and gives it to Latha as Suman gave it and suman as latha gave it. She silently walks out and waits in lawn. Suman comes out and says this cannot be Latha’s prepared chat as she can identify it by smell. Latha also comes out and says same. Bhoomi apologizes them and says she wants them both to patch up. Latha thanks her for taking care of Pavitra and even whole family so well and asks her to call everyone by their relationship. Bhoomi says badi maa/vasundhara will not like it. Latha says she will not say

anything. Suman thinks Vasundhara will fume and punish Bhoomi again. Pavitra and Kaveri hear their conversation, smirk and discuss soon their happiness will vanish.

In the morning, inspector comes home. Kaveri tells Pavitra to see her drama now. She starts shouting police has come and acts as getting afraid. Vasundhara comes down and asks why is he here. Inspector asks who is handling city bridge project. She asks what happened. He says he has arrest warrant on that person. Kaveri starts acting as mad again and says she will not go with police. Suman calms her down. Inspector says PWD department raided construction site and found low quality material being used, so he wants to arrest the person responsible to interrogate. Inder yells at Agram that he warned him to check quality and then get bhabhi’s sign on agreement.

Vasundhara tells inspector she will speak to commissioner once, calls him and informs him about the situation. Commissioner orders inspector to give Vasundhara time till evening to sort out issues. Inspector leaves. Kaveri gets irked seeing her plan failing.

Agram and Inder start blaming each other and fighting. Vasundhara asks them to calm down as she will handle the situation and sends them to their rooms. Kaveri tells Pavitra she will see who will sacrifice this time.

Bhoomi thinks Kaveri and Pavitra must be behind this. Ansh sees her tensed and asks reason. She keeps silent.

Kaveri goes to ugly Suman’s room and brainwashes her that Agram did mistake, but will blame Inder. Maan in Inder and Latha’s room says he is confused when dad checked, cement was of good quality, then how did it change. Agram says even he is confused. Once Agram and Ansh leave, Kaveri enters and starts same drama that she is worried Agram will be made scapegoat and will be sacrificed.

Precap: Inspector comes to arrest Vasundhara. Ansh asks to arrest him instead as he is in-charge of bridge construction.

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