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Bhagya Lakshmi 10th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhoomi carries gangajal to prepare clay lamps. Ugly Suman asks from where did she get gangajal. She says her mom gifted her during marriage. Ugly tells her that she should pour all water at once in clay and does it herself. Bhoomi starts kneading clay. Maan shows her lamp preparing video on laptop. she is shocked to hear that water should not be added in clay at once as it will get hard and should be poured from time to time. She looks at ugly and ugly says she hard wrong, says sorry and leaves. Bhoomi gets tensed how to prepare lamps now.

Surbhi convinces Varun to open a boutique for her from his FD money. Ugly calls her to inform that she has ruined Bhoomi’s plan. Surbhi says she is opening boutique. Ugly asks if she gave this upbringing to her. Surbhi says she is opening it at home and will enjoy not doing household chores.

Latha teaches Bhoomi how to prepare lamp and asks her to continue. Bhoomi starts preparing lamps. Family starts dinner. Agram asks where is bhabhimaa. Latha says she has gone out. They all see Bhoomi falling unconscious due to stress and run towards her. Ugly suman smirks thinking now definitely Bhoomi’s plan will fail. Latha and Ansh/Maan carry bhoomi to room and Latha leaves asking Bhoomi to rest and Ansh to take care of her. Bhoomi tries to get up, but he asks her to rest and not risk her life for challenges. She says she has to complete badi maa’s task. He says it is waste telling her and leaves. She smiles thinking he showed concern for her.

Bhoomi then goes back and starts preparing lamps. Ansh sees that and thinks she always does what she wants and does not listen to anyone. Vasundhara comes home and is surprised to see Bhoomi counting lamps. Latha comes and asks her if she should serve her food on table. Vasundhara says she is tired and to send food to her room via servant. Latha then asks Bhoomi why did she get back to work after getting unconscious. Bhoomi says she will complete task at any cost and continues preparing lamps whole night.

Precap: Latha tells Vasundhara that Bhoomi prepared lamps whole night. Vasundhara asks her to count them and if there are 1001 lamps ask bhoomi to add 5 fists of rice in bowl/kalash.

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