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Bhagya Lakshmi 10th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasundhara’s goon drops Bhoomi in the middle of road handcuffed and blind folded and leaves warning her not to go back to Sanyasin’s door. She pleads for help. Rishi passes by and stops seeing her. He frees her hands and asks what happened, how did she come here. She tells him the whole incident and crying hugging him. Ansh reaches there and is shocked to see them hugging. He separates them and asks Bhoomi how can she betray him, she is only his. She says she never loved him and hugs Rishi again. Ansh walks out fuming and dejected.

Vasundhara’s puppet SMSes her pic of Ansh at the spot and smiles thinking she had to do it to kick out Bhoomi from her house and lead a peaceful life.

Rishi drops Bhoomi back to prajapati house and tells he got a message that there

is a big accident happened at ring road, so he came there. Boomi is surprised to hear that.

Rajender with Varun reaches prajapati house. Vasundhara starts badmouthing about Bhoomi. Bhoomi enters and hugs Rajender seeing him. He asks where was she. She says someone kidnapped her. Everyone are shocked to hear that except vasundhara vamp and ugly suman. Rajender says they should give police complaint. Vasundhara vamp tells no need to give police complaint as her family’s name will spoil in media and starts blaming Bhoomi that she is a big menace for her and just in 1 day she will be out of this house, before walking from there. Rajender is shocked to see her behavior.

Latha gives water to Bhoomi and says she was worried about her. She says even Ansh was worried about her and went searching her. Rajender asks bhoomi to inform shukla family. She calls and Dhara emotionally asks if she is fine. Bhoomi says she is fine. Daadi takes phone and asks same. bhoomi says she is fine, not to worry. Daadi asks where did she go. She says she got stuck in rain, but is fine now. She says she will call them back later and cuts call. Daadi tells Bijender that Bhoomi is fine now.

Rajender asks Bhoomi why did not she inform them that Bhabhima (old vamp) is still angry on her due to her job and says she is still their house daughter and will be always. Bhoomi says she did not want to trouble them and she will handle things well. Varun asks her to call her if she has any problem and leaves with Rajender. Bhoomi thinks whatever happened today proves that someone wants to stop her from knowing the truth, but she will at any cost.

Precap: Bhoomi thinks Ansh and Rishi coming at same time is not a coincidence, someone wants her and Ansh to separate. She realizes Vasundhara is behind it and asks her why did she get her kidnapped.

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