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Bhagya Lakshmi 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ansh and Bhoomi tells Pavitra that they got Angad’s number and gave it to inspector to find out where he is. Pavitra says inspector is Angad’s puppet and he took her to Angad yesterday who demanded to spend a night with him if she wants to be out of jail. Ansh angrily goes, holds inspector’s collar, and says he is a shame on govt service. Constables hold her. Divya interferes and apologizes inspector and takes Ansh from there. Ansh says he will kill rogue inspector. She says he would have been behind bar. He gets call from charity organization and says he will come and give cheque today. Ansh

Varun and Surbhi enjoy icecream outside. Varun says he learnt how to be strong from Ansh and Bhoomi as they suffered a lot of issues, even then they are together, their trust for each other is amazing. Surbhi says she lied that day, Bhoomi is actually Divya. He is shocked to hear that.

Nurse tells Geeta that Muskan is crying a lot. Geeta taks Muskan and tries to consle her. Ansh comes and says he is from Swastik industries and came to give yearly cheque. She accepts cheque and thanks him. Muskan holds his blazer and smiles. Geeta says looks like baby knows him so well even after meeting him for the first time. He smiles and asks her name. Geeta says Muskan Prajapati. Ansh takes Muskan in his hands and subconsciously gets emotional with tears. Geeta takes Muskan and drops her back to children’s room.

Yuvraj enters and tells receptionist that he and his wife want to adopt a child. Lady takes him to children’s room. He searches Muskan and says he wants to adopt her. Receptionist goes out to check. He after a bit drama breaks fire alarm button. Everyone panic. He escapes among crowd. Geeta does not find Muskan and shouts. Nurse sees yuvraj running with baby and shows him. Yuvraj beats guards and runs.

Varun who is in car with Surbhi sees Yuvraj running with baby and starts following him. Yuvraj escapes in auto.

Precap: Varun and Surbhi see Divya tensed on road and ask if she and Yuvraj had a child as they saw Yuvraj running with a baby. Divya asks where did he go and Surbhi says Gandhi road. They ask again if that child is hers.

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