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I am a silent reader of siya ke ram. I am a big fan of mahabharath & siya ke ram. And sanjana,shruthi,and others..I love your updates.I am a tamilian. And I am here with the meanings of bhaghvat gita- 14th chapter in maharatham.

1.Sri Krishna say:Ishall expound once more the supreme knowledge,acquiring which all sages have attained highest perfection,being liberated from this mundane existence.
2.Those who,by practicing this knowledge have entered into my being, are not born again at the cosmic dawn,nor feel disturbed even during the cosmic dissolution(pralaya).
3.My primordial nature, known as the great bhramha,is the womb of all creatures; in that womb I place the seed of all life.The creation of all beings follows from that union matter and spirit, o Arjuna.

4.Of all embodied beings that appear in all the species of varios kinds,Arjuna,Prakrti or nature is the conceiving mother,while Iam the seed-giving father.
5.Sattva,rajas and tamas-these three gunas born of nature tie down the imperishable soul to the body,Arjuna.
6.Of these, sattva being immaculate, is illuminating and flawless,Arjuna;it binds through attachment to happiness and knowledge.
7.Arjuna,know the quality of rajas,which is of the nature of passion as born of desire and attachment.It binds the soul through attachment to actions and their fruit.
8.And know tamas,the deluder of all those who look upon the body as their own self,as born of ignorance.It binds the soul through error,sloth and sleep,Arjuna.
9.Sattva draws one to joy and rajas to action; while tamas, clouding wisdom, impels one to error,sleep and sloth,Arjuna.

10.Overpowering rajas and tamas,Arjuna, sattva prevails; overpowering sattva and tamas,rajas prevails;even so, overpowering sattva and rajas,tamas prevails.
There are 17 more verses in this chapter ,so please tell me that if it is nice, so that I can continue.I am in 9th standard.AND PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS ANY MISTAKE.HOPE YOU WILL FORGIVE ME FOR SILLY ERRORS.AND PLEASE FORGIVE ME IF I HAD CALLED ANYONE USING NAMES WHO ARE ELDER THAN ME.


Credit to: skr fan

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  1. Jay

    Great skr fan ..nice work …. u shoukd continue… myself jay (girl) from TN ……

  2. Good work pls continue would love to read such verses with meaning.
    Pls do continue
    Thanks a lot for mentioning and encouraging me and my analysis.
    And I hope I am able to do justice to ur expection
    God bless u dear pls continue
    Btw I am also a tamilian
    And shruthi Di I miss her analysis and at times she updates in her Twitter page I think. Anyway she might be back after Siam reunion for she brings out the meaning in the conversation of the divine couple.

    1. I am in 10th dear and which board are u from if you are from tn state board feel free to ask any help if u need
      We are always there dear

  3. Supreetha (Soups)

    Great dear! And I really like all the links you send 🙂

  4. subasree(skr fan)

    sorry dear supreetha, iam not the one who sends the links.And myself-subasree.Thanks for encouraging me Sanjana sister,jay&supreetha.thankyou

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      Oh okay 🙂 anyways I don’t mind 🙂

  5. I just mentioned my name as skr fan. sorry i made u confuse.

  6. Padmaja

    Hi subasree I am PADMAJA and I am also a tamilian…. And i am in 11… Ur analysis is just awesome dear.. Pls continue it……..

  7. Ritzz

    Gr8 write up…continue this…?

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